87 86. The familiar.

 After chirping a cheerful "Hi" randomly at the duo which lead to Mel's faint and the unknown copy cat's interrogation, the unknown copy cat went back to playing her mute act. She refused to utter another single word no matter how much they tried.

 Anna being the more mature one among the rest, she decided to leave the matters into the elders hand. She gathered her stuffs and requested the others to do the same and headed back to the castle er... mountain.

 By now, the sun had completely set and the sky has gotten considerably darker. The weather has gotten chilly, blowing their damp skin and they hasten their steps.

 Anna had decided to confront the mistress's shrink as soon as she arrive. Among all the people there, apart from the Master, young Master Zed and the captains, she didn't really trust the others. Perhaps because she didn't know them or what they are like, she felt more at ease when it's someone she can trust.


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