69 68. Pride.

Que savoured every bite of the juicy apple, wishing it wouldn't come to an end soon. Its sweet and sour taste filled her stomach, no, it's impossible for one apple to satisfy a fully grown adult. But she convinced herself that she is full and had no space left for more, that will have to do for now. 

There's no telling when she would be able to break out of the this place so she saved the oranges for later. She had manager to successfully retrieve these few, she dare not ask for more. Not only would her pride be at stake when she is caught, he is bound to notice when five of the fruits are gone. She play with the apple seed in her hand, tossing it up and catching it back, debating where to throw it away from Zeus's eye. 

At last, she decided to throw it out of the window, that way, no one would find out. She aim it at the open window and hurled it out. 


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