65 64. Prisoner

The great flame hall went dead like a century old abandoned grave yard. After the wailing shrills of the Amaranth was no longer heard, no one even dared to breathe.

Some were shocked while others were gloating over her misfortune. She was bad news in the first place, they were happy to be rid of her.

Anna choked back her tears which earned her an elbow blow to her stomach from Hannah, silencing her. Each of the three was trying hard to rein back her emotions. If they could speak up, they would have done that, but that would land them straight to the pit of hell.

Mistress, poor mistress. What had she done? They were among the few people that believed the mistress isn't responsible for the missing scroll. She probably didn't even know about it's existence. Just what did she think she's doing like this? Even if the master loved her, it would be hard for him to spare her if she's guilty. Not to mention his feelings towards her is somehow somehow.


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