48 47. Piece of my mind.

Six people occupied the small living room, three were standing behind a couch while the other three were sitting facing each other. The only sound in the room was coming from the television which was left on at sports channel.

Jiji fiddled with the stringed beats in her hand. Her white hair was moist and sticking on top of her head, and her floral shirt was damp. Her brain seized functioning ever since she saw her in her doorway. She was looking anywhere but the girl dressed in red. Her heart was filled with an unexpicable feeling, after her brief faint, to which Soph woke her up by a glass of chill water to the face, she seemed to have lost her voice.

Que had grown up under her care, naturally she should be happy seeing the woman she have became. She had raised her up to become a pimp and proper maiden, although she hadn't shown any signs of becoming that throughout their time together.


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