33 32. Stockholm Syndrome.

Not only did I not look my age, I'm also a spring chicken when it comes to a lot of things.

I might as well change my age, I guess that would be a good decision.

I was inexperienced about a lot of things while growing up, and among the list of things I was unaccustomed to me, body contact should be somewhere around the middle.

That isn't unexpected given my reputation.

Maybe when I was a baby I had ample of that. Just a maybe, because at the rate which my parents travel, I had no idea if I had any when I was a kid as well. I wouldn't be surprised if that was their habit even when I was born.

In that case, it meant I had zero body contact in my 23 sun circles. That meant years right?

Even if it doesn't, take that as years. I'm trying to sound cool and mysterious, don't ruin my badassness.

Back to business. So apart from the occasional hugs and grabs I recieve from my overly bright friend Soph, my body contact is nill.


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