32 31. Baby Medusa?

"This Lady Medusa must be a very powerful witch," Que pondered as she glanced left and right, debating which turn to take.

"Left," Zed said from behind her answering her thought.

"Right." Sometimes during their unending journey to meet the witch, she sped pass Zed who was walking at the slowest speed known to mankind. Tortoise would probably beat him in any race. She could not tolerate that and decided to walk in front instead with them following far behind.

She had to wait for them twice when they were had fallen far behind and she had no idea which way to go in this maze of tunnels. Note; lions live in dens, demons live in tunnels.

Long, curvy maze of dusty tunnels.

She made sure to avoid these tunnels to not get lost, she stick with the hallways she is familiar with. Heck, even the demons dare not wander aimlessly about, how could she? But for some reasons they hid the witch in the depth of the mountain where no human can reach.

She must be a very powerful witch.


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