26 26. Responsibilities

Ever heard the phrase sitting on a time bomb? Which might I add would explode anytime? Not actually sitting on a bomb, but maybe when you committed an offense and you're waiting for whoever is in charge to issue their verdict. For example say back at high school you or that notorious classmate of yours committed an offense and was called into the principal's office.

Sitting squirm-ishly in the seat facing the principal as they kept glaring at you behind their thick glasses with a bald head. You knew you are wrong and you are waiting for them to issue their punishment but they didn't say anything and the suspense is killing you? That's when your stomach would go knots and you'll have that urge to visit the toilet.

Yeah, that's exactly what the feeling of sitting on a ticking bomb is.

With her stomach twisted, Que sat on the edge leather seats in her soaked clothes afraid of soiling the car seat which would only add to her long list of offense. She had forgotten about him, truly, she had.

And he had made it clear to her to not roam around and stay in the private room. But the fact that she had ordered and destroyed an outrageous amount of expensive dishes which by any means would anger him, she had to find a way to get rid of the evidence even though he would still be billed. It was a shameful thing to do, taking advantage of the situation when someone is spending, but she was quite thick skinned.

She had intended to be as quick as possible but the thrill of helping others made that slip her mind. Now for that reason, this ticking bomb is soaked in his expensive suit and is equally soiling the car seat. Unlike her, he was comfortably sprawled in his seat, not caring about the seat.

He hadn't said a word to her since they met, heck he hadn't even looked her way, although whenever her eyes are not on him, she could feel his burning gaze on her but when she look over, his gaze would be straight ahead, with no sign of him ever moving.

Zed and the men they had come with were no where to be found and it was only them and Beardy the driver. She wondered where they had disappeared to. But what bugled her mind was why he brought her along. They are clearly heading back home and all she did was sit in a room and wait for them, well atleast she ate some of the most delicious dishes she'd ever had in her life. Although the third one wasn't that delicious but it was good. She had no idea what their names were.

Oh yes, she had also murdered a cute little gold fish.

So what was the essence of bringing her along? She was dead tired and could have catch a good rest but no, he had to bring her along and now she had managed to land herself in trouble.

Honestly, he was the cause of all this. Thinking about this, she felt a little bit relieved. It wasn't completely her fault, perhaps that was why he didn't say anything. Hmmm, he is a tiny bit considerate. Hopefully he had spared her, she could use a good hot bath right now and bury herself under her blanket.


She closed her eyes and slowly, trying to not catch his attention, she reclined on the seat, although she was shaking from cold, she could still rest her aching back.

Zeus glanced at the girl comfortably sitting on his seat, soiling his favourite car and his gaze hardened. Not only had she disobeyed him, she had made him stand in the rain for 40 minutes and now she is destroying his car without a care.

She really had the guts.

His gaze wandered down to her neck and he remembered the necklace he had taken from her. Shit, he had forgotten about it. Stupid girl, how could she forget so easily, it was a gift from her parents, she'll have the both of them killed.

The car jerked to a stop inside a garage and Que opened her eyes. They had arrived? She opened the door and hastily got out, hoping to locate a door that would take her to her bedroom but there was none. She paused, turning back to face him, but he seemed to be taking his sweet time as he slowly got out of the car. He headed towards a door at the far end of the garage and noticed it was carved out of stone. They were already back. So, cars can pass through magical doors as well.

She tailed after him to the elevator, he was so slow which is starting to annoy her. Like she is soaked and freezing to the bones! Can't he walk a little bit faster?

But she reined in her anger and waited for him, she had offended him, it wouldn't be a good thing to anger him anymore since he had spared her. Standing in front of the elevator with one hand on the button, he gave her a sideways glance.

"Why are you following me?"

Que: Blink blink.

"The car won't clean itself. Are you waiting for me to clean it up?"

"I... what?"

Turning around, he eyed her from head to toe.

"Get the equipments from Ifrit and clean up the car. And when you are done, come meet me in my room."

Que blinked, opening and closing her mouth. And by the time she managed to get words of her mouth, he had disappeared into the elevator, the door closing at her face.

"What?! Can't I do that in the morning?" She said to the empty space. Can't he see that she is wet? Won't he atleast allow her to change out of this wet clothes? She have no idea how to clean cars! She raised her hand to the button when someone cleared his throat behind her. Beardy, or Ifrit lifted a bucket and a towel at her when she turned around. Of course, she would be monitored.

So much for being considerate!

She stomped back to the car and yanked the towel out of his hand glaring at him. But the bolder he was was unfazed by her tantrum. He folded his trunk arms and glared at her behind his bushy beard. Que went to work without another word.

She scrubbed the wet spots on the seat and the muddy shoe imprint on the floor of the car. All the spots were from his shoes. He had clearly had this in mind that was why he dirtied the car. He did it on purpose.

After 10 minutes of scrubbing the car, she returned the bucket to Ifrit. He glanced at her then the bucket and walked around to the car. He peeped inside, carefully observing the interiors and shook his head.

"You slouched water all over the seats. Clean them dry." He grunted.

"Please, Beardy. They'll dry up on their on. I need to go to the bathroom." She lied.

"The Lord said to clean his car. You are not leaving untill you do that."

Taking in a deep breath, she squeezed all the water out of the poor towel and got inside the car. She can do that all right.


Que trailed behind Ifrit as they head over to the Demon's room. She had learnt one thing. Never ask Beardy for anything, it's a total waste of energy, time and space.

Ignore the last part.

She had begged him to let her atleast change, it will literally take less than two minutes but he had refused and dragged her to Zeus room. He had ordered that she meet him right after she finished cleaning the car, and thus to his room they head.

They paused at the door for 5 seconds before Beardy pushed the door open and held it for her. She gave him a mean eye before disappearing into the room. This room, unlike the first black and second white room, it was red. Totally and completely red, like some Mafia boss.

At first she thought he was one.

She walked further in and sighted him by his walk-in closet holding something.

"Ahem. I've cleaned up the car."

He nodded.

"So, can I leave now?"

"Come here."

"Aww come on. Can't you atleast let me change out of this?" She yanked at her dress.

"It's been a long day and I did what you asked me to. I'm tired."

"I wasn't the one that asked you roam about in the rain. Now come here."

She walked towards him debating what to say next. "I..ahem. sorry about that. But that wasn't why I was actually tired. Part of it maybe but not completely. You see," she had reached him by now and like a battery infused doll, she ranted on.

"I had spend two hours in the morning practicing core formation with that shrink." He opened the box turning to face her.

"And that was why you were tired?"

Er...no? I was practicing karate in the morning with..." He extended his arms around her neck and clipped her yellow necklace.

".....Chris. Hey, I had almost forgotten you had my necklace." She whipped her head up to look at him. That was when she realized how close they were. With her face up, their nose was almost touching.

His brownish purple pupils shone like purple gemstones and she stared in awe. She had no idea they were this pretty.

"Practicing karate with Chris?" he hummed straightening up, uncomfortable with her stare. Her huge doe eyes were practically glowing.

"Huh?" she blinked when he turned his back to her.

"You can leave. Rest, tomorrow is going to be a....Tedious day."

Her eyes brightened up, although she didn't understand what he meant, the fact that he was letting her go send her over the moon and she skipped happily out of the room.

Not forgetting to stick her tongue out at Ifrit guarding the door.


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