106 (S)05. Devil's Dung.

I stared down at the cup of tea which gad turned cold at some point in front of me, sitting absentmindedly at the table. I had taken few bites out of my breakfast and I completely lost my appetite. So I just sat there, lost in my thoughts.

Last night had passed in a blur, I had no idea how I came back home. The only thing I remembered was arriving at my room and curling up in bed, tossing under the blankets all night falling in and out of sleep till daybreak. My brain had a complete shut down. I had skipped dinner and went to bed in my clothes which were still damp.

I'd be lying to say what happened had no impact on me. I heard from Jiji who went out earlier this morning that Nana had been admitted into the hospital and she had went off to see her. She made breakfast before leaving and took some along with her.


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