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Marked Bullet


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Kim's company is a huge real estate empire, with wealth and power there's nothing they can't do. Dong-hae is the second eldest son of the Kim family and he was the one who sat in the highest chair in that empire. But everything changed until a major scandal was exposed involving him and forcing him to resign as vice president. Kim Eun-ji is the youngest daughter of the Kim family and she is in charge of taking over the family businesses in Dong-hae's place. Kim Dong-hae wants revenge, humiliated and completely disowned, he just wants to completely exterminate Eun-ji and everyone else who got in his way and for that he hires Jeon Hye-jin an assassin for hire who kills for money and is willing to all to finish a job. Now Eun-ji has a bullet marked with her name and a countdown begins. Protagonists: Kim Eun-ji (Eunji), Jeon Hye-jin (Hyejin) __________________ Support me by buying a coffee with lots of sugar https://ko-fi.com/moonsside/ Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/mmoonssidee __________________ I don't own the rights to the cover image, it's an image taken from the internet and I couldn't find the author to offer the due credits.