78 True Hero - Slum Rat

Enopy was utterly confused. The red humanoid monster ate three blue monsters at once, but according to what Apollo said each Monster here was a piece of information so he didn't know why they were eating each other

But His confusion didn't last long, because the red monster curled into a ball and not long later, it's skin shed revealing a thin but muscular figure, it now had horn nubs on its head and sharper claws

Enopy could feel that it had a huge increase in power


"Ugh!" Suddenly a soul piercing sound hit Enopy which caused him to gain a dazed expression, while he struggled to keep his eyes open. he knew that he was the only one who felt it seeing how the monsters continued like usual

Soon the sound stopped as he then opened his eyes fully and glanced upon the land in front of him

"Hmm...? what was I doing here again?" he mumbled he felt as if he had forgotten something very important as his nonchalant expression slowly morphed into a confused one

The ground was a brownish red but the burning buildings and huge piles of rubble and magma would've took all the attention if it weren't for the huge hordes of monsters that chased and killed humans

"Hero! hero!" A middle aged women ran over to Enopy and pulled on his shirt in Enopy's eyes it looked as if she were a glitch she had flashed from human to monster multiple times

Enopy was about to push her off but the sound reappeared. and like before it soon disappeared this time Enopy only saw humans along with the over bering thought that he was the true hero of this land

With those feelings and thoughts a sword suddenly appeared in his hands as he was fully covered in armor

"Mi-…..compromis-" suddenly the systems voice flashed in his mind

The system had always been recording what was happening on the clones side. and originally was unable to display a hint of power, but now after the upgrades that happened to Enopys mind it was able to help the Clone slowly with great struggle

The clone ignored the sound and sprinted at the red monster's



"Mind bubble? Humm....? oh you mean sea of consciousness….well your mental sphere" Enzo said after a couple seconds of thinking

"Sea of consciousness?! mental sphere?!" Enopy thought as a bunch of questions appeared in his head

"A mental sphere contains your sea of consciousness. you train it using Magic apprentice techniques, which means that you have crossed into the ranks of magic apprentices. but you don't have techniques to train your mind nor can you use its power. it's a pity if you could use it then you could kill rank three magic knights easily. huuu~" Enzo sighed as he shook his head

Enopy went through a variety of emotions as he showed expressions of interest, sadness and unwillingness he could have surpassed leaps and bounds…well he did but he was unable to use that power nor did he know anything about it it was truly a pity


Unlike Enopy and his clone Sirus had a pretty uneventful night

dirt was pored out next to him, he then created a mountain of bombs which the bots quickly dissected


Slums of the forth circle

A bot was in the midst of placing bombs on a house but suddenly a door slammed open

"Stay back!" A child's voice rang out the bot instantly turned around

The child was a girl dressed in boys clothing she had light pink eyes and a grayish pink hair she was holding a shot gun which she masterfully aimed at the bot

The bot walked over to her as it hinges and stomps rang out

"Boom! cla-clack" she shot and reloaded the gun

The bot seemed as if nothing happened and continued walking towards her

"Boom! cla-clack"

This shot alerted the bot

"Beep! beep! malicious intent detected apprehensive mode activated" it was just as Sirus said the bots were able to change according to the situation without any problems

It began to sprint at the girl. she was startled by this and began to miss her shots

"Calm down" she said to herself as her heart slowed she had closed he eyes for a split second as her courage was awakened but that time was enough for the bot to close in

It grabbed the barrel of the gun and crushed it. within a fit of fear the girl fired the gun causing the gun to blow up and back fire

She was flung back while chunks of the wall flew of and covered the house in smoke while the bot held onto the charred broken barrel

"Heat detection on two beings within 100 meters detaining beings" now the cold voice rang out while chains came out of its figure

The chains wrapped around the girl and lifted her out of the smoke and rubble

The chains retracted and the girl was plastered onto the bots lower back in a horizontal manner

It walked into the house and soon stood in front of a bed

The bed had a boy on it. he was about Enopy's age he looked like a cheerful fella, but his deathly pale skin drowsy eyes and dry lips told otherwise

The bot had no care for this and picked up the barely conscious young man and placed him ontop of the girl in the same horizontal manner

The bot quickly plastered the remaining bombs onto some houses and then went back to Sirus

Sirus had restored the mountain of bombs. multiple bots had come back some to dump dirt and others to get bombs

Hmm? What's that Sirus asked as he glanced at the boy and girl especially the girl her arms were completely destroyed and most of her face was burned

The bot had took its time resulting in an excessive loss of blood. the girl was almost dead it seemed that she was on her last breaths

"Place her down!" He yelled after he inspected her thoroughly

"Reporting! These beings were laying refuge inside a house" The bot answered

"Hmm?….." Sirus had already blocked out any noise around him he had already created a mountain of bombs so the bots continued as usual

"Haha. who would have thought that I would use an elixir on a slum rat" Sirus shook his head as he wore a bitter smile

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