Male Lead's Canon Fodder Wife Book

novel - Fantasy

Male Lead's Canon Fodder Wife


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  • 671 Chs

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A 24-year-old woman traveled to the novel world due to a plane crash. She takes over the body of a cannon fodder who bears the same name as her. She traveled to a time when everything was scarce. The moment she opened her eyes, she was told that in two months, she would marry a lame man. Flustered girl : "Why didn't anyone tell me that my fiancé is so good-looking?" Proud fiancé : "Baby, I'm glad you like my face and body. Shall I warm your bed now?" Confused girl : "Didn't they say you are a cripple? How can you move so vigorously?" Vigorous husband : "Where did you hear such rumors? It seems that I need to prove myself to you." Shy girl : "So shameless..."


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