Mafia King's Revenge Love Story Book

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Mafia King's Revenge Love Story


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[She wanted love,but he wanted revenge] In the most renowned hotel lounge, a girl, standing with her back against the wall, Facing the man with well built physique, could be seen. Tears were continuously flowing through her big round double lid eyes. "How could you do this to me" the girl said as she sobbed hard but the man, in front of her, just stood there ,frozen. "di....didn't y..ou said u lo...loved me so how could.....you take m..me as a element for revenge" The man just looked at her, her teary eyes, her vulnerable state was crushing his heart to million pieces but he can't do anything to make her stop crying because he is the reason for vulnerability. _______ Jennie , a 20 years old ,a sweet, intelligent and lovable girl belongs to mafia background. she was sent abroad to continue her study there at the age of 15 but when she returned, after 5 long years, she fell in love with the most powerful and dangerous man in today's mafia world who pursued her. But later she got to know that he pursued her just for sake of revenge. _________ what was the reason that he has to go all through all this trouble of pursuing her just for the sake of revenge??? how she offended him??? Or she just got dragged in this even though there was nothing wrong she did??? why she ended up falling for him so deep and hard??? how this revenge story will change into a love story??? Want answers to these questions?? Read the story you will get answers to all your question. ______ Hope you will like it. join me on instagram-@Sarelleous


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