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Mafia King's Obsession


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WILL Every mafia family has a well-kept secret, but the Romano family's secret tops it all. A sheltered, secret princess. It's what I thought of her when I took her. But Catalina Rossi is no protected princess. She is a warrior. A fighter with more willpower than her messed up family could ever possess. I hate her. I want to strangle the life out of her every time I see her. And I want her. I want her more than I've ever wanted a woman in my life. She is my enemy, but I think that will be the best catalyst to the spark between us. CAT I have always deemed myself unlucky but being kidnapped by my father's enemies takes the cake. I don't know these men but I know who they are. They are ruthless, cold, unforgiving beats. They are the De Santi mafia syndicate. And the most ruthless of them all, William De Santi, has his eyes on me. *Dear readers, this is not a fairy tale. It's a dark, intense, steamy, enemies to lovers revenge tale with themes that may upset certain readers such as weapons, gore, mature content and violence, but this does NOT include sexual abuse. I do not condone that.