41 Pillar of Light

Madara came back to his home that night with a huge smile on his face, he was very happy with his new life, everything was working out well for him and his plans worked out, even though they did not work out flawlessly. His money was always increasing, he was surrounded by people who he cherished and who cherished him back. 'Life is good...' He said as he stared at the full moon.

Before he could enter the manor, he spotted a shadowy figure waiting for him, he smirked and asked, "Hoh? Isn't it a bit too late for a lady to be staying out here all alone?"

A snort echoed "Who the fuck are ye calling a lady?" after a couple of seconds of silence, they both laughed.

"Ye took ye time with Jackie and Nari, huh? And left me here waiting for ye…"

Madara shrugged "Well things developed… Differently from what I was expecting…"

"Oh yeah?"

Madara nodded. "They accepted learning how to unlock their chakras…"

"Ohhh so that's why ye are so happy today…. But Boss… Just accepting it isn't all, they will have to work hard to unlock them… I've been working on that for months, and ye have been working on that for years… It's not that easy, there's no guarantee that they will succeed."

Madara again nodded "I know… But when there's a will, there's a way"

Kaliya just nodded, she didn't really want to ruin her Boss' mood, although she didn't have that much faith in them achieving the full 7 chakras, if they could achieve 5 they would still earn extra time.

"So, ye said ye wanted to talk to me, what is it?"

Looking up at the sky Madara pondered, "Well since tonight is a Full Moon, it's more than just talk… " he stared at Kaliya, "I want you to use your bloodbending on me."

Kaliya's eye went wide "B-Boss, what the hell?"

"I want to know how it works, I want to learn how to counter it…" Of all the bendings in the world, bloodbending was the one he was afraid of the most, energy bending was more dangerous, yes, but he knew how to use it and how to possibly counter it, but bloodbending?

There's no dodge, there's no known counter, you are just turned into a puppet.

Kaliya nodded at his words, "Alright, but don't blame me if ye feel uncomfortable, Jackie always complained about it."

Madara smirked, "Jackie always complains about a lot of things"

They both chuckled again and walked to the backyard of the manor, staying 30 feet from one another Kaliya asked one final time.

"Are ye sure Boss?" she took her stance while facing Madara.

Madara nodded. "Yes."

"Alright.. Don't blame me later!" she raised both of her hands as her eye narrowed.

Madara was just standing there when suddenly he felt his body trembling, his eyes went wide as his arms started moving on their own, then his legs, and finally his torso. 'Fuck this really is awful!'

Kaliya grinned and her hands slowly moved.

Madara was raised from the ground and stood two feet above the grass 'floating' while his limbs moved in awkward ways

'Calm down, I need to figure out a way…' his sharingan activated and he slowly observed his body. 'Alright let's try a few things….'

For hours they stood there in the backyard and Madara discovered many things related to bloodbending, once they were done with their training, a panting Madara came walking towards the front door while a calm Kaliya followed him with her hands behind her head.

"That felt great, right boss?" she chuckled.

Madara just stared at her with a twitching eyebrow and said nothing.

"What? It's not every day that I can see the mighty Madara Uchiha suffering like that!" she shrugged and kept chuckling.

He rolled his eyes at her comment and sat down by the front door. "For the next few months, we will be training my resistance against bloodbending every full moon."

Kaliya nodded, but she seemed to have something that she was holding back.

"Go ahead and say it," said Madara thinking that it was more of her sarcastic remarks.

"Well, Boss… Here's the thing, I feel that … As I unlock me chakras… Me bending is getting more powerful, and… eventually… I believe I will be able to use bloodbending without the need of a Full Moon." She was rather reluctant of sharing this as bloodbending was dangerous and she knew it, having the Full Moon limitation made it more acceptable but... What if someone didn't have that limitation? That person would be seen as a threat and a very dangerous threat at that.

Madara was shocked by the revelation, but not for the reasons she thought he would be.

'Wait what?! So… Unlocking the chakras gives her full access to bloodbending?!... So… That's why Amon, his brother, and his father could bloodbend like that?! Wait… Do the unlocked chakras causes permanent changes to the point that they can be partially inherited by their offspring? If so… Everything would make sense! At some point, an ancestor of Amon unlocked his 7 chakras, and the bloodbending potential passed on through the generations…'

Why did he think that only the bloodbending potential passed on? Because Amon's father, Yakone, aged normally and so did his two sons… Why would the bloodbending pass on while the rest wouldn't? Well... All elemental bendings are hereditary, so it made sense for him.

As he was thinking about the possibilities, Kaliya was more and more worried about being seen as a threat by the person that she cherished and respected the most.

Coming out of his thoughts, Madara noticed the awkward silence and looked at Kaliya, who at this point was looking extremely nervous and worried.

He chuckled and walked towards her, before she could say anything he hugged her tightly, wrapping his arms around her thin waist. "You silly woman, do you think that I would see you as a monster just because your talent is above the masses? I told you before, no one will ever replace you."

Kaliya was temporarily stunned by his behavior but reacted pretty quickly, she hugged him back, they were roughly the same height at this point, she was tall for a woman 5"7' with Madara being a couple of inches taller than her already. 'To think that little scary kid grew up this well…' she chuckled at her thoughts.

They stood there in comfortable silence for over two minutes until Madara remembered something.

"Oh yes! I got you a little... Souvenir… from the Northern Water Tribe" he stared at her eyes and smirked.

"Oh? Are ye trying to woo me or something...?" she wiggled her eyebrows with a teasing smile.

Madara rolled his eyes "Please… It's not like I need to woo you at this point…" he said while his arms pulled her closer.

"Ye know…. Sometimes I miss when ye were a little boy that didn't have naughty thoughts." She chuckled.

Madara shrugged his shoulders, "You say that, but everyone in the Resort believes we have a thing going…"

Kaliya shrugged back "Well, what can I say… You are handsome and I'm hot… We kinda match…"

'This cheeky bitch…' Madara's eyebrow twitched again.

"But again, I'm not looking for a husband and ye know it Boss, I don't think I ever will be… Settling down and having kids is something that I can't imagine myself doing." She lowered her head a bit, knowing that their values were different in that regard.

Madara freed one of his arms and slapped her forehead, making her head bounce all the way back with an audible 'SLAP' sound

"OUCH.. Ye bastard! What was that for?!" she shouted.

"Don't give me that sad and depressed face then! I worked hard to get this for you!" he said as he pulled a small vial that was attached to a chain which made it look more like an amulet than a small bottle, and gave it to her.

"And what is this? It's not a weird 'Uchiha's way' to propose, is it?" she raised an eyebrow.

Madara let out a defeated sigh and stared at the moon '… Why…' He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "That's a flask containing spirit water, from the spirit oasis in the Northern Water Tribe, I got it just for you, it's said that it can heal any wounds and clear scars…"

Kaliya was very surprised of course she knew about the spirit water, she was born there to begin with and her status was high enough to have the privilege of knowledge regarding her homeland.

"B-Boss.. Are ye serious? Ye got this for me?" she choked emotionally as she stared at him.

He nodded "Although it cannot heal your eye… and it's not enough to heal all your scars… it can heal that burn on the side of your head, I know you don't like it…"

"B..B-Boss…" tears came out of her eyes as she stared at Madara, this was the first time someone went this far just for her, this thing is priceless, it can save lives!

Madara looked at her with a gentle smile. "But don't worry about your eye… I already have a possible plan in mind."

Her eyes went wide as the most beautiful smile blossomed on her face.

Madara continued, "It might take a while… and it might be a little dangerous but I will do my bes-"

Before he could continue his monologue, Kaliya sealed his lips with her own.

It was Madara's turn to have his eyes go wide and shocked, the kiss lasted for a few seconds before Kaliya pulled back a little bit.

"Kaliya… What you did… You know that we have different goals…."

"Pfff." She laughed out loud.

Madara tried his best but couldn't prevent a vein from popping on his forehead "Are you playing with me?!"

She wiped a tear from her eyes "Ahh Boss, already grown up and still so childish…"

Madara wasn't amused.

"Okay Okay," Said Kaliya "Boss, ye know that ye will live a long while right?"

Madara nodded.

"So ye plan on never having any experience until ye find a wife?" she chuckled again "The mighty Madara Uchiha… The oldest virgin in the four nations! HAHAHAHA!" she couldn't hold back anymore and started laughing out loud again.


Madara was trying his best to not beat the shit out of her right here and right now, his face went red, he felt unfathomable embarrassment after hearing those words, because they were rather… accurate… he didn't consider that beforehand but she was right, why shouldn't he enjoy his youth?

Kaliya finally calmed down, but her shoulders still trembled as she tried her best to not laugh.

"I know ye don't love me Boss, and I'm totally fine because what I feel for ye isn't love either, but ye are clearly attracted to me, and well... I'm attracted to ye too… So … why are ye behaving like a little kid now that ye are a grown man?"


Madara was very embarrassed.

"Alright, I will go back to me house, thank you for the gift, Boss…" She gave him a final kiss on his lips and walked away.

Madara could only stay there like a scarecrow, staring at the horizon long after she left, what she said made sense. So far, he didn't have romantic feelings towards anyone he met, they might develop in the future or they might not, why should he keep himself 'pure' for a possible future? It's not like people didn't break up in this world, I mean... Even Zuko didn't end up with Mai even after they enjoyed their time together, and let's not open the can of worms that's called Korra…

Not to mention how long he would live, should he really be thinking about starting a family at 17 when he would live up to his 317s? Or even longer?

After that night Madara went back to his daily schedule, he trained mainly on his taijutsu because his firebending finally encountered a roadblock, it's not all about physical training, he had to learn the spiritual side of bending, so he meditated a lot which was also the proper way to improve his energy bending.

The problem with meditation is that is a long-term investment, it will take years, or even decades to improve. But it's not like he was in a hurry, his daily schedule was divided into basic administration of his Resort, which meant basically dumping everything on Jackie; coming up with new ideas for his products, overseeing his new buildings, training his body, meditating and increasing his chi, that at this point was absurd already.

After a few months, he was finally met with great news! His products the Kiseru, and tobacco, became a phenomenon with the high society, many herbalists across the four nations even tried to copy his formula, but due to the current era and lack of technology, they really couldn't examine what he created, and some really tried to copy it, but it was either poisonous or vastly inferior.

The Kiseru itself was easier to replicate, but his were still on high demand because they became the top brand with the highest quality assured, it was to the point that if some rich person didn't have it, they suffered some sort of social pressure, like 'What? You can't even afford a Red-Cloud Kiseru? What are you even doing in this meeting?' Yeah human society was that ridiculous.

The Koei tower became a spot for rich people to come and brag, it came to a point that it wasn't about how much they could earn, but the amount they could spend and still behave like it was no big deal.

Madara and Kaliya also grew rather closer, not many feelings involved other than desire and lust, but they stopped holding back a bit, which made every worker look at them with knowing smiles, especially Jackie… Who got punched in the face.

One beautiful morning, Madara slid open the door of his bedroom and started walking on the deck around his manor, looking at his garden while wearing a long red Yukata with the Uchiha symbol on the back. Back in his room, a tanned female could be seen wrapped around his bedsheets still sleeping.

The gentle chilling breeze caressed his face and made his long mane move with the wind, it was the last day of autumn.

"What a wonderful day," he said looking around his manor with a satisfied expression, all the maids that went past him bowed respectfully as he passed, he also gave them nods and smiled at them, they were all loyal hard workers after all.

As he was walking he felt something, but not only him… Everyone did… Even non-benders, it was like the world was talking to them, as he looked south he saw a huge pillar of light reaching towards the skies.

He snorted "Tsk… What a great way to ruin my day…"

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