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Lust System: Monster girl Harem


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Rated +18 Ethan (unlike many unlucky protagonists) was doing pretty well, he had just graduated from high school, he isn't a straight A student but he isn't so bad either. He was very popular in his high school days, with short black curly hair, average height and build, and a face any girl would die for, Ethan navigated through high school like a breeze. But before he could leave for college he was diagnosed with a strange illness and was told he had only six months to live. The news was devastating to Ethan but it was true, four months had gone in the blink of an eye and Ethan had only two left, he started trying things he hadn't done before. After getting a recommendation from a friend he bought a virtual reality game called Harem Online. Before he could play the game it glitched and was isekaied into a fantasy world where magic and women reigned supreme. Follow Ethan on his adventure as he navigates through a world dominated by women with his lust system. The early chapters might be a little clumsy but it gets really good, oh and lots of lemon, I mean like a lot of lemons. Additional Tags: Adventure - Action - R18 - Isekai - System - Harem - Weak to Strong - Handsome ML - Beautiful FLs - Smut - Elves - Vampires - Demons - Monster Girls. 2 chapter/day 100 power stones for 1 bonus chapter. 1 Magic castle for 5 bonus chapters. Check out my other work Lust System: Sword Genius in Women's World


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