Lovingly together

Author: star_dreamer
Contemporary Romance
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What is Lovingly together

Read Lovingly together novel written by the author star_dreamer on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering romance, firstlove, family. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


'You made me fall in love with you at first sight thoughts of you have begun to dominate my mind. In the process of wooing you, I find Loving you is my most exploited right.' Roxana's whole world as she knew it collapsed when the truth came to light. The life as a pampered heiress, the doted upon only daughter, and the dearest granddaughter that she was, it turns out that none of this lavish life belongs to her. Even her childhood sweetheart, her supposed fiancée is not hers! Will she give in to the chaotic, negative feelings blooming inside her and become blinded by her jealousy? The true heiress of the Beaufort family has been living a harsh life, with every new day bringing a new set of tortures. Just as she managed to escape and get a slight breather, she is picked up from the orphanage and brought to a rich, ancestral estate and told that she belongs to a wealthy family and that someone else was mistook as her and lived her part of happy life. Should she feel bitter and resentful? What happens when these two girls meet? In this story there will be caring family members, handsome love interests, psychotic enemies, face slapping and lots of loving! __________________________________________ There will be descriptions on torture, violence, kidnapping, abusing, drinking and smoking. Mention of rape can be expected (it doesn't happen, it's only mentioned about twice.) Sixteen and under to proceed with caution, if you decide to give this story a chance. Slight mature content is expected. It's not going to be smooth sailing for the characters, but it will be an interesting journey, and a happy ending.

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The overall concept and plotline of the story are completely different from the usual genre of contemporary. You will be getting views from both sides making you understand gaining and losing. As life gives them both choices it depends on them in what they choose. Kudos to the author for thinking of such an interesting and mind-pulling plotline. Waiting for more updates. Keep going! All the best!


The author's writing style is like falling into a river then finding that you're floating in warm waters down a gently flowing stream. Delicateness at every turn of the story is evident; even when a down occurs, I still feel comfortable within the author's hands. The depth and breadth of this story is one so beautifully rare in romance novels - so beautifully human.


Writing Quality: Good and readable Updating Stability: Superb and always updated! Story Development: Nice pacing Character Design: It's nice and clean World Background: Had enough to engage more chapters.


OP writes incredibly well. I would rate it as being ready for production. The pacing between dialogue and action is smooth and balanced. OP is an experienced writer, just four chapters are enough to prove it. Very good work OP.


What a complex plot you have! Narrations are well executed and it has rich vucabulary for me to indulge in. So continue writing, you will steadily improve later on. I can tell it from your current chaps. Study more about novels and read read read. You will become what you read as the time goes by. Cheers!


Amazing story , rightly chosen words , well put and coordinated with all the twists and turns . Once you start reading it you can't stop till you've reached the end , the story just sucks you in , Totally worth it💗💟💗💞💗💞💝💞💓💞💓💓💞💓💞💓💞💝💝💟💝💟💝💟💗💟💗💟💕💕💟


such a nice story. it is refreshing to see a young rich girl come to terms with her shocking surprise in a mature manner. every person gets a chance in life to change themselves for the better which they may or may not take. such an intricate plot! nice work.


A good story with an interesting beginning. I like the way you wrote it and made it easy for readers to understand. Good job! Hope to see more of the good work!


okay, I thought this would be some so-called romance story that has been a replica of other stories but I was wrong. Your concept was different and the first chapter was really interesting, you have your own way of making your story interesting and worth reading. Your story has a nice spacing and you did great with the dialogues but there is still a lot of things to improve but that's okay that is the part of life and you have so much potential just keep writing!! Adding this to my lib!


This book is wonderfully written. The plot is imersive, the background is well thought out and most importantly, the characters are well designed. I look foward to seeing more updates and chapters! Keep up the good work!


Reveal spoiler


Okay! This novel is the best family relations novel that I've read on this site, period. I'm willing to fight people for my opinion and I'm not ashamed to admit that I'll use a gun in the fight. Quality: Few mistakes here and there but they're just happy accidents so it doesn't matter! Ah, but I did find it a bit annoying, since the scenes didn't have a main POV? After chap 3, it felt like the POVs just kept shifting around without much indication, but I might've been wrong? Maybe it just bothers me specifically, because I write very loyally to one POV in a single scene. Story: First of all, it's lit. The developments are very interesting, and although I'm familiar with the evil aunt in a noble house archetype, I'm very interested in how things will be handled, because Valeria's not someone who fits in the noble family struggle setting. I feel like I'm botching the explanation, but let's jsut say Valeria's actions are hard to predict at this point in the story and it's super interesting. Charaacter: Roxana bae. Valeria comes at a close second, but I'm satisfied. Setting: I'm not really familiar with the noble household setting, so I can't really comment. But I am enjoying it very much, so there's that.


I expected a lot of this book, going in. That's never a good idea, since it leads to disappointment. Except, apparently, in this case. Beyond all my expectations, this book has impeccable grammar, a complex plot with equally complex characters, and all the bells and whistles to make it fun to read. Thank you, author!


This story is very different from the usuals in webnovel. I like the beginning and how Roxana accepted her fate unlike those characters who gets selfish in other novels. The writing style is pleasant and smooth. Overall, no complaints! Good Luck, Author!


Interesting story so far! The character's emotion are very well described. A troubled girl coming to term with a complete change in circumstances is very gripping. It's hard not to feel for her. Keep up the good work!


Very good writing you have there, author. Nice descriptions and great characters development. The author’s writing style is unique and very enchanting. It’s totally worth the read.👍👍👍


Absolutely great story here! It's according to my taste and I'm loving the author has worked on building the plot, pace, characters, and world background. I can't find anything to complain about at all. You are doing a superb job, just don't stop updating🤗


Updateeeee more author. The writing style is so simple and emerging. I personally loved it. The start and description are really just too different. It's recommended to all.


I have to say, you're synopsis did a great job reeling me into your story. It's concise enough to tell me what the novel is about without making it a hassle to read everything which is amazing! For the story itself, I'm enjoying it so much! I'm intrigued by Roxana's character, and I also enjoy how well you let the scenes flow after one another. The writing is smooth, easy to read, and nearly perfect. I cannot wait to see where this book goes >_<


Awww, I love Roxana, her mature take on things, appreciative nature and love for family. I'm also not annoyed by her kindness because I feel that it's genuine. Looking forward more of this story! I believe it possesses so much more. Kudos, author!


I think that the words chosen by the author while telling the story are well chosen. In some places, I can even say that I feel the coolness of the outside wind better. Although it is unusual in style, it is a work that should be given a chance.


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