3 Chapter 2: An Unforgettable lunch with Him

When lunch time came. Her classmate is continue flocking in their new classmate, his like a celebrity to them. They have a question and answer portion, while walking and going to cafeteria.

She look down as if she may feel comfortable in her sorrounding. She walk to her favorite place when she needed to eat her pack lunch. She's at the back of the school, when the student can study. It is peaceful, it has many trees. And the winds relax her mind for a moment. Her mother is fond of cooking and always make a delicious food for her. It contain, different dish. Her lunch was stewed vegetables and various cooked meats that she likes. All of her food was delicious all the time. Thanks to her mom cooking skills.

She's surprise because of un expected person infront of her, smiling at her. What is his problem?

Her face is flusttered because of him. She look down at her food. Didn't know what to do. She's short of breathe, can't understand what she feel right now.

"Hello, can I sit here for a moment?" Raiden asked, he show her a boy next door smile that no one can resist. It makes her nervous and tremble for no apparent reason. She did not know what to do, she was ashamed to look at him. Strange feeling for the first time she is feeling right now.

Raiden lick his lip then he bite his lower lip, causing Tammara to look at him and lower her gazed again after a second. "Okay, sorry to bother you. I will leave." Raiden asking and ready to leave.

"O-okay. You may sit here." She said stuttering for unknown reason maybe because she's not used to other presence except her parents and her boy best friend Kyle who's study at the other school.

Because many of them bullying her and make her see herself low. Only her parents and bestfriend make her feel better.

"Looks like your food is delicious, can I have some?" Raiden asked shyly.

Cute. She said to her self. She secretly glancing at him, every second.

"Yeah, sure." She answered sofly, almost a whisper. Luckily Raiden hear it.

"Thanks" then he pinch her cheek. That make her feel hot all over her face. Deep inside she want to scream because of strange feeling within her that she want to jump and scream like a normal teenager. Sadly, she keep it in her self and trying to act normal.

She gave her another lunch box that full of meat, and gave him a half of her rice. And give him extra spoon and fork. He smiled at her that makes her lower her gaze.

"This is a cool place huh? Are you always here eating your lunch?" Looking at him scanning the place, his eyes is full of amazement and admiration.

"Yes." She answered shortly, now she don't know how to continue to eat her food. While Raiden enjoying eating his food unbothered by the place. For him it is cool that makes him calm and at peace.

"Who cooked this food? It is so delicious! I miss to eat home cooked food." For a moment there is a sad emotion glistening in his eyes but disapper suddenly. That he don't want to let other see his weakness. Most likely in stranger, that he is first time to talk to. For unknown reason he seem comfortable talking to her even she is not talkative like the other girls who flock in his side and directly offer thamselves to him.

This place and this girl making him comfortable even him can't explain the reason. Maybe because of her aura. She look nice.

She continue to eat her food slowly before answering him. "My mother cook this for me. Everyday she likes me to bring her home cooked. I really appreciated her cooking skills. Because I am not a great cook."And crept a proud smile on her lips.

"How I wish all can feel that." A sad emotion was evident in his voice. But tried to smile again to make the atmostphere light.

She just ignored the sadness in his voice so that it would not be awkward for him and she just smiled at him. Then their eyes met, they lock by each other's eye for a moment. She capture by his grayish eyes. it was as if she had been brought into his world and did not want to be returned.

They brought back into the reality when someone calling Raiden. Before He leaves he asked her unexpected question, for her it is unexpected.

"What is your name?"

"Tammara, Tammara Naomi Faulkerson." Its making him smile again.

"Nice to meet you Tammara Naomi, its so long. Can I call you Nao?" She only nod. "Great. Thank you for the food Nao" Then he walk to the person who called him. And he wave his hand before get going.

She breathe deeply as if she hold her breathe a long time ago. Now she breathe normally and can finish her food. Without any trace of uncomfortable situation that she felt a while ago.

She had already cleaned their table before leaving. The way she manage to go back to their room is not easy now, because of her classmate trying to make fun of her again. She lowered he gazed to not see the insulting stare that they giving to her. She stop midway when she hear a voice. A voice from him. Raiden, a guy who has talking to her and earing lunch with her. The guy she adore from this moment.

She smiled a little bit to him, but faded immediately. He raise his brow to her as if they are a total stranger. She feel a sting in her chest that she want to just disappear in front of them.

Many girls laugh at her, mostly in the side of him. And the other guys, it seems his new friend.

"Do you know her Raiden?" Asking the girl who's on his side with a blonde short hair. Raising a brow to her with a lollipop on her lips.

"I just met her a while ago, because she gave me a love letter and I confront her." Then shrug nonchantly. As if she didn't know her at all.

Its make her heart broken, and all her system is broken into pieces. Her tears rolled down her cheeks.'Why am I dreaming to high. That someone will accept me for who I am, I thought that lunch is a new beginning of a new friendship?" Asking her self countless time. Like her tears, rolled down her cheeks. She feel more humilliated than she was. She walk faster, she Make her way to the comfort room and the only place she pour her heart out...

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