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Loving Mr. Bully


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Loving Mr. Bully Since elementary Tammara Naomi Faulkerson is one of favorite target of bullies. Much worse when she is in high school. She is fat, nerdy, and she has no interest in making herself beautiful. For her, study is more important than anything. When she is at grade 9, they have a new classmate, transferee from other school. Raiden Rio Archer is a heartthrobe type of guy. They have a different kind of attention that everybody give. At first she thought he is nice, but to her dismay he is one of those bullies. He always like to make her cry infront of many people. She handled it until she finish her grade 10. Because at her senior year, this guy is disappear without notice. She hear that he goes to abroad but she didn't know why? Instead of celebrating that one of his bullies far away its contradict what she feel inside. Because even he treated her that way instead of feeling angry or hate him, she secretly admire him. That's why she feel down, she love him without her noticing it until his gone. Then one of her unxpected day, she is riding her motorcycle. She pass by in one of the dark street, she hear scream of pain. She want to ignore it but her instinct said otherwise. She was fighting to save him whoever he was, that they were punching. When she's done helping him, she decided to take him to the hospital. When they arrive at the hospital, she saw his face clearer. Its him, the one who admire her the most. Until today her very love...


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