276 New Friend

Hunter's POV

I couldn't stop my tears from falling on my cheeks as I held my son on my chest, and it felt so satisfying to become a father, and watching my wife talking happily with her grandpa made my day complete. And I don't have regrets about coming home even if the event hasn't ended yet, and I felt so glad Hector Grant didn't say anything about why I came home ahead of time, and I guess he understood the feeling of being away from my family.

When Aunt Francine took our son from me, I didn't waste my time to join with my wife, and I could tell it was a fantastic day to celebrate the gift of life. After eating lunch, we talked, and I watched my sister on the water having fun with my mom; I couldn't believe that my father turned more wicked that we needed to double the security for Madeline and my son's sake. It was a shame knowing he was my father.


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