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Loving Madeline


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Madeline ”Maddie” Brownwood is a nineteen-year-old college student. Her mother was dead, and her father was unknown to her until one day, a man approached her and told her to come with him to the Divenson Mansion to prepare for her wedding. Hunter Divenson is the handsome and hot engineer and CEO of the Divenson Mining Corporation. He got entangled with his driver’s last dying wish to marry his estranged daughter when his car was hit by a drunk driver. “I’m sorry, Maddie, Mr. Divenson already paid all of our debts, and you know my debts piled up when I accepted you and your mother in this house; you should come with them so that we will be all happy, and you will have a better life.” Her aunt said. Maddie was left with no choice, but to go to the Divenson mansion where she meets her future in-laws, Hunter’s parents were super strict and showed to her face she doesn’t belong to their family, while her future brother-in-law looks at her with lust that made her scared, and his other sister loathes her. Only a twelve-year-old girl, loves and adores her, and carried out her stay at the mansion bearable. The moment she meets Hunter, she falls in love with him. He is so sweet with her every time a member of his family is around, but he is so different when they are alone. “We are only married on the paper since I don’t have time for love, and I can’t love someone like you. Don’t expect if something happens to us in bed; I will love you. I only need an heir of my empire.” He said coldly that making her entire body shiver, and she hated herself for falling in love with him. One day Maddie asked Hunter for a divorce, and her words made him realize he couldn’t let her go because he loves his wife with all his heart. Can Hunter win back his wife’s affection? Is Maddie’s love for Hunter totally gone? Or it was still there and she is just trying to forget and move on? Can she give her husband another chance? -Gold Tier Winner of WFP#35 Female Lead- In-Laws.- (Warning: This novel has mature content in the later part of the story.) ——————————————————————————- Book 2-The Hot Chef and The Wicked Sister Jack Morigan was in love with Madeline, but too bad, she was engaged to Hunter Divenson. Jack made Maddie’s best friend his girlfriend, but deep in his heart, he was still hung up on Maddie. When Gina broke up with him, he knew it was all his fault. Charlotte Divenson was called the wicked sister of Hunter Divenson. She was always envious of her brother because Hunter was the apple of her dad’s eyes and the golden son of her parents. She was known as the wicked brat, but deep inside, she was only a lonely child who wanted recognition from her parents. Charlotte got angry with everyone and shut off the world when her father and younger brother died; she blamed herself and Madeline for their death, and she wanted to hide. Hunter offered Jack a job to make his wife safe, that is, to be the chef cook of his wicked sister Charlotte. Jack yearned to refuse since he hated her, but the money at stake was too high to resist. Her money was running out that she could no longer afford to pay her maids, and her supplies were getting low. She was shocked to find Jack on her doorstep, asking her to take him in since he needed a place to stay. She wanted to say no, but she desperately needed money. They lived together in the same house, bickering with each other, they don’t get along; until one day they could no longer resist the growing attraction between them. Can Jack tame the wicked sister, and leave her and get his money after the contract he signed expired even if he knew he was helplessly falling for Charlotte? What will happen to their love story the moment Charlotte found out the truth that she was only a job for Jack? Are they going to hold on and fight for their love, or they will drift apart with hatred in their hearts?


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