15 I Can’t Give Her Love

Hunter's POV

Calixto informed me that he scheduled Madeline to have a driving class with a driving instructor from a well-known driving school in the city, and I can't stop myself from feeling possessive of her.

I wonder why I become like this when I know Madeline's presence in my life is only because of Frank's dying wish and the pressure my parents are giving me to get married.

"Cal, why didn't you tell me you enrolled Madeline in a driving school? I don't like that idea, Calixto; what if she will run away?" I asked.

I know it wasn't about running away that I am afraid of, but because I have learned that the said driving school instructors have pleasing personalities. That is why they have become number one ever since.

"So, what do you think I should do about it, Mr. Divenson," Calixto asked.

"Use your common sense, Cal," I replied, and he smiled.

"Of course, I will be honored to teach Ms. Brownwood how to drive, Mr. Divenson." He said.

"Good," I said, and he got out of my room, rushing while I continued checking the monthly reports from the Finance Department.

I called Madelin because I wanted to talk to her regarding the couturier, but she didn't pick up her phone. And I almost lost my patience, and I remembered that she was with Calixto.

"Cal, can you tell Ms.Brownwood to answer her phone? I have been calling her, but she won't pick up. Is she driving now?" I asked.

"I am sorry, Mr. Divenson, but Ms. Brownwood is not with me. I left her in the cafe since she was meeting her best friend. I am on my way to the caterer, Sir." He said.

"Cal, next time you have to tell me if she is going to meet someone; what if she is meeting a guy friend? She is getting married to me, and I don't want Madeline to associate with anyone," I said, and I hated myself for feeling this way.

"She is meeting Gina, Mr. Divenson. I guess Madeline plans to ask her to be the Maid of Honor on your wedding day." He replied.

"Send me the name and address of the Cafe because I want to discuss something urgent with her, Calixto," I demanded.

"Sure, Sir," Cal responded, and I ended the call. I don't know what had gotten into me that I wanted to see her right away.

I get my coat and leave my office at once. I drive fast, and I can't control myself. When I got inside the place, I scanned the entire area immediately. Madeline was sitting at the far end, talking with her friend, and she seemed so happy. I wish to always look at her this way.

She is animated, talking with her best friend. I felt glad even though she had a hard life. She found a real friend that she could speak and share her secrets with.

I know that I have a strong effect on women, and I can tell by how all the women inside the cafe are checking me out, even Madeline's friend. I love the feeling of being ogled with, but sometimes I find it irritating, especially if I attend a social gathering with my business partners.

Maddie introduced me to her friend awkwardly, and I could tell she felt nervous that I caught her spending time with her best friend and not with Calixto. I extended my hand to Gina, then pulled out a chair and sat across from my wife-to-be.

She avoided my intense gaze, and I couldn't stop admiring her beautiful face. And I can't control the hammering of my heart against my chest. I felt like I was a college boy once again.

Madeline looks so hot, wearing the plainest dress she can find in her closet. I handpicked all the items of clothing, bags, and shoes in her wardrobe cabinet. I can't stop staring at her natural cherry-red lips, which look so enticing.

I want to kiss her right away, but I know I need to talk to her first regarding the fashion designer who will come to our mansion tomorrow. When I turned my head to look at her friend, I found Gina gaping at me with wide eyes. Madeline nudged her friend, and that was the only time she flicked her eyes and smiled at me.

Gina's straightforwardness amuses me, and I can't help but laugh at her words. I could tell it surprised Maddie since she hadn't heard me laugh, and even I was amazed by my sudden outburst. And I can't stop myself from stroking Maddie's hand.

I introduce myself to Gina as Maddie's fiance while I am still stroking Maddie's hand, and I can't help but smirk when I notice her hand is shaking, and I am glad she is affected by my touch.

"Madeline, where is your phone?" I asked her, and she blushed.

"I am sorry, Hunter. I didn't expect you to call me since you didn't tell me you would call me." She answered, and I could tell she was panicking.

"Next time, you have to look at your phone from time to time because I will be calling you, especially now that our wedding day is fast approaching," I said, and she nodded.

I felt proud of her since she was so different from any other girl. I know most girls her age are so busy checking their social media accounts every minute, but it seems Madeline's social media accounts had been updated months ago. And I understand she hasn't had time to post on her accounts since she is so busy making money to pay off her aunt's debts.

Madeline answered me sarcastically when I asked about her driver's license and her ability to drive, and I wondered why her mood suddenly changed. It seems she is upset with something.

"It was my idea that Maddie should get a driver's license because I know an opportunity like this will happen to her. Thank you so much for coming into Madeline's life, Hunter. You are her Knight in shining armor," Gina spoke, and I chuckled. I am glad she always helps Maddie, and I can tell Madeline felt shy because of Gina's words.

"Of course, I am so delighted that I met her," I replied. And I looked at Maddie's beautiful eyes, and I felt glad this time she didn't look away. We stared at each other for a long time until we heard Gina clearing her throat.

"I hope you have free time tomorrow, Gina. I want to invite you to come to the Divenson mansion. Don't worry, and I will assign a chauffeur to pick you up." I said.

"I want to ask you to help Maddie choose the design of her bridal gown since I know she trusts your judgment since you are her best friend," I added and focused my attention on Gina.

"Yes, Mr. Divenson, I am very available tomorrow. Besides, I want to see what a mansion looks like." She replied excitedly, and I liked her honesty while I could tell Madeline felt so uneasy.

"It is nice to see you, Gina. But I still have a meeting to attend, and Calixto will drive you home, Madeline. I am sorry, I want to drive you home, but I must return to the office." I said as I stood up from my seat.

They both raised from their chairs. And before Madeline could say goodbye, I moved closer to her, put my hand around her waist, and tugged her closer to me.

I love the way she is looking at me. She smells so heavenly, and I can't stop the desire to kiss her. I want all the ladies in the cafe to know that I belong to Madeline so they will stop checking me out.

"See you later at the mansion, Maddie," I spoke in more than a whisper, and before she could answer me, I claim her mouth with urgency, and I savored the sweet taste of her lips, and I could tell Madeline was enjoying our kiss by the way she responded to my hungry mouth.

We kissed like we were the only ones standing inside the cafe, and by the time I let her go, we were both panting. I can see her entire face blushing.

"Goodbye, my sweet Madeline, goodbye, Gina," I said and turned away from them without taking a second glance, feeling so hot after my kissing scene with my bride-to-be, and I felt glad to see the car of Calixto parking beside my black SUV. He climbed out of his vehicle quickly by the time I opened my car door.

"Hello, Mr. Divenson." He greeted me with a wide grin on his face, but I didn't return his smile.

"I don't like what happened today, Cal, and next time, I don't want you to leave Madeline unless we are already married. You have to think about the possibility that she will run away." I said coldly, making his smile disappear from his face.

"I don't think she will run away from you, Mr. Divenson." He declared that it made me feel intrigued.

"Why do you sound so sure about Ms. Brownwood's feelings, Calixto?" I asked, and he looked at me in the eyes.

"Because I can tell your wife-to-be is beginning to fall in love with you, Mr. Divenson." He said, and my eyes turned so big, and my face darkened.

"I guess you have to advise her not to fall in love with me, Calixto, and you know that I can never give Ms. Brownwood my love and devotion, especially my heart." I declared.

"All I can give her after our marriage is my body. And I can assure her I can make her nights colorful and exciting, but she should not expect me to love her. Don't discuss to me how she feels towards me, Cal." I added.

I closed the door of my car, and I left Calixto dumbfounded with my words. I drove away from the cafe feeling pissed, and I drive fast, almost beyond the speed limit.

I am disappointed that Cal mentioned Madeline's real feelings for me. I am afraid of the realization that my future wife is falling in love with me, and I am more fearful of how I feel for her.

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