270 For Our Son

Hunter's POV

"Hunter, son, you don't need to worry about Madeline and Frank Luis; I promised you nothing would happen to them while you are away." Hector Grant said while I was inside his study, and he called me to talk about the upcoming summit, but I realized he wanted to speak with me about a personal matter.

"I know, but I find it so hard to leave them, grandpa," I said, and he smiled at me.

"I still remember when my late wife gave birth to our firstborn; I was so happy when I learned she had given birth to our son, but I was miles away that time, and I couldn't be with her, and social media is not yet in during those times, I called my wife via long distance. And I remembered that was one of the happiest days of my life." He said with a beautiful smile on his face.

"But, it was also the hardest time of my career; I couldn't come home since I needed to close a deal, and all I ever wanted was to come home and be with my wife." He added.


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