274 [Bonus chapter]Maddie’s Love For Me

Hunter's POV

I read the message from Hector Grant, and I couldn't believe he would text me, and he didn't ask his daughter or my wife, not even Gina. He was informing me that he would take my wife on a vacation while I was away because he knew my wife was missing me, but the last part of his text made me frown, and I couldn't stop myself from booking the next flight to Choraz, Neospoli Airport.

"I invited the best cook in Archois because I love his menus, and I wanted my granddaughter to feel like she was back in Archois." Madeline's grandpa stated on his text, and I read his text message repeatedly as I was on my way to the airport, and I couldn't stop myself from feeling so anxious.

"What do you want from me at this hour, Hunter?" Calixto asked on the other line, and I smiled as I realized how much I missed him.

"I miss you, Cal," I said, and he chuckled on the other line.


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