Love without merit

Author: kheity06
Contemporary Romance
Ongoing · 15.7K Views
  • 81 Chs
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What is Love without merit

Read Love without merit novel written by the author kheity06 on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


It is a light reading, the dynamics of the chapters is to briefly tell situations and thoughts of the characters, the story can vary between intervals of days and weeks so you should pay attention to the events to locate the time. the characters are identified with a # for the man and a ** for the woman these symbols will identify when they narrate. is narrated by both characters, at the beginning the story narrates more often the man and at the end the woman, since she is the protagonist. the idea is to be moved by the tragedy of the woman and the deep love of man. You leave me speechless. Is a teenage romace, where Steven falls madly in love at first sight with Karen, but she does not reciprocate at first because she is tormented by the guilt of the loss of her beloved sister. However, love ends up wrapping them up in a corny but tragic story. I would like to give back the time to live, because I am dying without you. To: #my lost love*

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unikbet_slot1230 · Games
Not enough ratings
1 Chs
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I am anxious to read the other chapters, I love how the protagonist falls madly in love with the protagonist and well, she has her conflicts but she should accept the good guy, in short, delighted a 10 for the writer continues like this


Okay first of all love the cover, it’s unique! I love the heart in the pottle. Just amazing and it really fits the story. Short chapters, but very charming. Keep up the good work!


It's A Great Book To Read, It Has A lot Of Lessons Many Would Understand And Learn. It's Unique And Refreshing On Its Own Way, I Wished It Would Have A Bit More Fleshed Out World Around The Character And Long Paragraphs(Due To My Taste but it's Still Good), So The World Around It Can Be Expanded More, Yet I Can Only Say It is Short yet It's A Satisfying And A Fun Read. I Hope The Author Published More and I Would Definitely Read More.


I love reading romance novels especially love at first sight stories...The story hooked me to read further...Looking forward to reading further chapters...I hope the story ends on a happy note...The author's style of writing is perfectly crafted...Excellent work, Author!


I knew self-esteem to the limit, but love ignites life! Love at first sight... The way of writing, little by little, but very significantly, is a well-crafted romance, which makes you dream and think that you are the protagonist ... I recommend reading and falling in love more


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