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Read LOVE OR DEAL? novel written by the author _eellaabbee on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Teen stories, covering sliceoflife, campus, teen, loveatfirstsight, dramatic. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


When Gabriella Leonor Pereira, a graduating STEM student, meets Charles James Augustus, a badminton player, it was love at first sight. Charles unexpectedly asked Gabriella to pretend as his fake girlfriend, to which Gabriella immediately accepted. And as the days pass, their relationship becomes deeper and deeper until they eventually chose to come out as girlfriends and boyfriends, but their happy relationship was shattered when an ex-lover returned and tried to ruin them.

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what a good book author i need to add it on my collection to keep me updated on your chaps there are few grammatical errors but for sure it will improve day by day on your writing journey goodluck author!💙


This story is Fantastic. I can't wait for the rest of the story. it is very addictive. I hope you keep up with the great work. I recommend it to all.


Awesome read. I thought the storyline was regular at the beginning, but it had a unique charm and different style to it. I really enjoyed your narrating style, simple and indulging. Keep up the good work.


Couldn't wait any longer so I went ahead to read till 9 chapters of it .All I can say is this was awesome read that' s pretty set apart from other novels .So I 'm giving it a thumbs up and all five star .Great work author 👌


I am a sucker for a fast-paced story so I'll suggest to the author make its pace a bit faster not because it's what I preferred but because I believe it could make the story better. The content is good, the characters are fine, and the writing is alright. Overall, it was fine and still has a lot of potential to offer.


First of all, I wish the author good luck with her first book. I can see that this book has a lot of potentials. Everything is written in much detail. She has a grip on her story. She knows what she is writing. This is a must-read book for romance lovers.


Your storyline is great. I love your narrating style. your story is really addictive no doubt, I am curious about what is the next.... waiting for the next..


Thrilling! I have only read a few chapters, but the way the author narrates the story kept me reading. I am already curious about so many events. This is a must-read if you are looking for a romantic novel to entertain yourself.


love the way this story is going and the plot and character development is great I'm definitely adding this book to my library, keep up the good work author❤️


First of all I wish author good luck for her first book. I can see that this book has a lot of potential. Everything is written with much detail. She has a grip of her story. She knows what she is writing. My only advice to author is that she must proofread the first few chapters for any small error like paragraph length or ignorable grammar mistakes because they dampen the mood of readers, and I don’t want this hidden gem to get lost because of some silly correctable mistakes in the beginning. I can see the author is improving with each new chapter. So she must edit the first few chapters to make them at par.


I must admit this review is a bit biased based on relating to the story on a personal level ahaha soooo Writing Quality 4.5/5: There are subtle comma mistake, but honestly, this story has top notch grammar by WN standards sooo (might have rounded this up to a 5) Stability of Updates 5/5 Story Development 5/5: Imma be completely honest, there are certain tropes at play here. However, I must also say that I appreciated how "speedy" the plot progression was in the sense that nothing was purposefully dragged out. Character Design 5/5: Very realistic! Some of the people were very relatable. World Background 5/5: Simple yet effective :D


The story has a good start and the synopsis has unraveled what to be expected from the book. The plot is great as well as the characters. I love the protagonists already and the worldbuilding also.


The story is quite fun to read and I would love to read more in the future. Just reduce the length of the paragraphs to suit well all readers. Love it and keep going.


I liked the way story was written,i didn't find any problem with the paragraph length,ofcourse it varies from person to person,i found it good.The story development is smooth with well thought out characters,keep writing


I didn't find the paragraphs as long as others say but what bothers me a little is the way you write, it's too quiet and I feel like I can guess what's going to happen. What I mean by this is just that it lacks a little enthusiasm and color in your writing. But after that, it's a good job and continues like this.


It's a good start ,the feeling are very detailed. The development of the story is good too. I do think the paragraph are a bit long if you could break those to small it will be better. I recommend others to read it.


Trim the fat and streamline the prose. You are over describing, and repeating words. I've provided an example to help you tighten up your game a little. Also add some power verbs to make your work stand out a little better


One of the most interesting books I have read so far. however, I think the author should cut down the paragraphs as few of them are too long. Aside this, this is a job well done.


This book is not dark for sure, in fact its quite a bright book to read, and sometimes that's what you need when reading a book, just something nice and light.


honestly ilove this story so far and just really love the story develepment and the characters are just so well thought of....good luck author...


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