The Dragon Hashira Book

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The Dragon Hashira


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This is a Various Demon Slayer x Reader fanfic! Y/n L/n, a cheerful and nice Snow Hashira. But now, she's just a former Hashira. The whole organization except, Mitsuri, Shinobu and the girls from Butterfly and Snow Estate, has blamed her for something she didn't do. She was just shocked because she found herself outside the Demon Slayer Corps. When she was explaining, yet no one believed her. And now, the poor girl just live in the Southeast, all by herself, slaying demons in case she spotted one. And that's when she encountered, Tanjiro, who's on a mission in Tanjiro and Zenitsu too, with Tanjiro's demon sister, Nezuko. The cover is not mine, it's from Pinterest! CTTO


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