Love Lives in His Eyes [BL] Book

novel - LGBT+

Love Lives in His Eyes [BL]


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Being a popular actor, and a gay one at that, is not easy. Dominik Śliwinski, whose beauty drives men and women to passion, has found this out quit harshly. The only thing Dominik dreams of is finding happiness in love. Unfortunately, his current partner has a view of love that doesn't reach Dominik's heart. Fortunately, a certain photographer appears on the horizon, who begins to exist in Dominik's life as a friend, roommate and maybe someone else.... A sweet, touching story about how love comes unexpectedly and knocks on your door. If you don't open the door, it enters through the window :) Book contains scenes 18+ All events, characters and organizations are fictional. The resemblance to any real person, organization, or event is purely coincidental. Cover made using AI and my own work.

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