121 121: End of Test

"Shu, crouch a little. Kazuto, you have to raise your left hand. Damn it! Kidd, what the fuck are you doing!?" Caleb felt his voice dry after continuous instruction.

Kidd growled. 

"Damn it! I'm trying!"

After a few minutes of struggling to fit their body into the tight, narrow passage. They became more and more uneasy as they felt the painful prickling sensation of sharp rocks on the wall. 

'These rocks are causing bruising on my skin.' 

After another painful minute or so. Their determination had never wavered. The physical effort required to squeeze through the narrow passages may lead to feelings of exertion and strain.

  To successfully pass through the narrow passages, they have to keep their focus and listen to Johan's instructions carefully. Every wrong move has caused puncture wounds to their bodies due to the jagged and sharp rocks. 

"I don't want this anymore." 


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