115 115: Series of Tests

"I'm Zetsu. The one that will guide you and facilitate the tests. If you're curious, there are five tests you must have passed. Failure in any one of them results in obliteration." 

"What? You will kill us once we fail?" Shu looked at Zetsu in doubt. Isn't that too cruel for failure?

'What are you? A system?' Caleb mused.

Kazuto, Kidd, and Rozho also stared at their peculiar team leader. If that was really the case. They decided to join another regiment instead...

Zetsu smiled warily.

"Just kidding. You kids are too serious. Well, now, since it's just the first day. I will lead you to the house where you are assigned. Then we will conduct the first test tomorrow. Failing any test would result in your disqualification. Any questions or violent reactions?"

Rozho, Shu, Caleb, Kazuto, and Kidd calmed down. At least their leader wasn't a strict or arrogant one. Rather, they could see that Zetsu was quite easy-going and had a sense of humor.


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