Forced Marriage: Escaping Her Monster
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Forced Marriage: Escaping Her Monster


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What is Forced Marriage: Escaping Her Monster

Read Forced Marriage: Escaping Her Monster novel written by the author Golda on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering r18, ceo, mafia, sweetlove, enemiestolovers. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Jerlina struggled hard to get out of the small town filled with gangs not only to improve her life, but also to get away from 'him' - the one she calls 'The Monster'. No, he really was not a monster... He was 'her monster'. 'He' had devoted his life for his little sister. She had offended him by breaking the friendship with his little sister. She thought she escaped it all when years passed and she settled in the city. A nice job, a lovely boyfriend, a small home for them... She thought she had what she needed. She almost forgot about 'him'. But then he came back in her life for his sister, and took everything away from her. Her boyfriend, her little home, her freedom, and to her dismay he even took the child in her belly. And he forced her to marry him! Why? Will she escape his clutches? ----- He is a self-made man although he is from a powerful family. He has attained everything he has, working hard with his own hands. He has plans, He has secrets. But for him, she is the moon. She is his first love. She came to him one noisy night and he couldn't forget her from then. But every time he tries to get close to her, she suffers as if they are not meant to be. He wanted to stay away from her to not see her suffer. He did stay away from her for years. But when a chance presented itself pushing her to him, he couldn't stay back and tried to get close to her. And he got close to her to help her, but then he made her lose her child unwittingly. What should I do? I can't just give up on her! ----- One heart filled with resentment and another filled with remorse... What will be of them? Can his love make her resentment go away? Or will his remorse consume him? Will she see his remorse over her resentment? Will she forgive? Will there be romance? Or will there be blood? ----- Thank you readers. Updates will be at least one chapter daily. Cover picture is not mine. Will take down on request.


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Grammar on point. Spacing on point. Narration and dialogue, check. Jerlina has gone through a lot in the first 8 chapters and I sympathize with her. She losing her baby was a big blow to me because it made me really cry. Male lead so far isn't so appealing to me because of his character but I have hopes that he will develop but before that, I just don't have an impression on him. The main story is interesting because it seems the male lead has carried an unrequited love for Jerlina since forever but he has a terrible way of showing it. Enters the green tea bitch of sister who he is yet to find out her true nature. In all, I will be around with my cup of coffee sipping and waiting to see because I love Jerlina.


I normally don't give reviews so early in a story, but oh Lord this one just bewitched my heart!❤️ and we need to support this great Author!!! I found this story by miracle! I like to point that is a well written story, and it's delighting to read it flowing naturally and with no grammar errors. The story plot is so complex, intense, and covers controversial topics like abortion, kidnapping, vengeance, force marriage among others. So far our dear Author has orchestrated all the plot in a way that leads our hearts to a different dimensions making us, the audience, beg and hope for a fast and safe landing! Thank you dear Author for bringing us this great master piece and please do not think to drop it for any reason!! You are an amazing writer!! 💖


Okay... Second review after 132 Chapters. The story development is very good. Jerlina genuinely hated Jeremy at first but then she slowly learns about the situations that led them where they are. Jeremy is very trusting of his sister but he is not stupid to believe her entirely. He investigates and he thinks for himself and with Jerlina's help started to see how Emma truly is. The character development is awesome!💕💯 Love this book very much 💞 I purchased coins for the first time to read this book. That's how amazing this book is 💝 Those two will make an amazing couple. Can't wait for more ❣️ And this is an amazing author we all need to support with our everything 💖


Hi, this is my third book in Webnovel. Hope you will enjoy reading this. The FL is Jerlina. She worked hard to be where she is and she believes in taking personal responsibility. She doesn't think the end justify the means. Her life is upturned when her boyfriend who according to her is the only one who truly loved her broke up with her and marries her enemy. The ML is Jeremy Harrison. He is a loud, crude and boorish guy who takes no nonsense. He falls for Jerlina and in his attempt to keep her safe, he does some unthinkable thing that shattered her soul. He wants to be her protector when all she wants is to escape him. This is a romance story but it is slow burning since the FL hates - I'm not using the word 'hate' loosely. She despises him. She won't warm up to him immediately, but she will gradually get to know him and learn that a lot of her opinions about him are wrong. It will take 50+ chapters for the FL to learn about him and after that she will slowly have her heart moved. Updates will be at least one chapter daily. If this book reaches trending ranks, I will do mass releases. Although English is not my first language, I try to be as grammatically correct as possible and you won't find a lot of errors (hopefully). Thank you for choosing to read my book and I hope you like it.


Another amazing work by author Golda 👍👏 Must read! It would make you feel a lot of emotions. The FL is suffering a lot since a lot of powerful people are conspiring against her. Her family is trash too. I still can't accept the ml and I hope she really leaves him. The ex is not good either. I hope she finds someone who truly loves her. The other characters if the book so far may frustrate you, but they are true to their character. A mother will try to stand by her son as much as she can but she knows her sons actions are wrong and tries to protect the FL. The nurse tries her best too. The ml is a leader if a gang and too powerful so not many can go against him. Hope he gets what he deserves.


Great book! Must read! I love this author. She has the best plots and well fleshed out characters who bring life to the stories. Reading this book I felt my gut wrenching feeling the pain of the MC. The MC has a lot of potential to grow and I will be with Author Golda as she guides Jerlina through her journey.


I like the way how the author describes the world. This book has no errors or typos. The writing quality is excellent. The ML has gone through a lot, and it was sad to read. I can't wait to see what happens next.


The story is the best. A lot of moments that are touching. Hope there are more uploads so I can get the whole story. I want the FL to escape. Good work golda 👍Love the book.


Love it! The FL story is very painful and I can feel her pain. Very well written. Want to know more about her. Hope she finds someone who truly loves and cherishes her.


I have seen this book in feature, though the title attracted me but the piles of errands didn't allow me to pick it up until recently. This first chapter locked my interest and there is no secret I would be following the book. To be honest, it hurted me to know how the fl suffered all these years and Emma...if I was allowed a murder in the world. I would murder her with my own hands and throw her into the Pacific Oceanto feed to the fishes. Gerry...i have mixed feeling about him. Jeremy, dude please for the sake of your luna, clear all the mess you made. And I sympathise with the heroine but she needs to grow a brain to look at the big picture and not to let the grief blind her. The writing style was as smooth as butter 😂 and technically it was the reason I didn't left it after reading it for a few chapters. There are some book that took a spot in ur head and this was that book. And author can you please hasten the updates and increase the number of chapters you post in one go?


I love all the books by this author. Love it. Hope more chapters get updated soon. Everyone should read this book. It is great. Love you author. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


This is a well written, grammatically correct story. The story flows like tidal waves. The author has used the words as hooks to keep us anchored to the book. Highly recommended.


Such an amazing and great novel of yours Author. I can't deny the fact that this one is interesting and at the same time a refreshing story for readers. PS: Wow! This is really a beautiful novel.


I found this book in the features and I love it. This story touched my heart especially the FL. All the characters are wonderful and I want them all to have their love to succeed. I have read upto 65 chapters now and I can't wait to read more.


Oooof the first chapters just manage to draw you in. Fantastic! I can't wait to see what the FL does. Such a delicate subject brought up in the first couple chapters with such tenderness... kudos to the author!


Love the grammar. It attracts a person more and I was too! This storyline is attractive and the author draws the person in. Do give a try! ❤️🌼


Amazing work! My heart went out for the FL 😣😣 Gripping beginning with good writing style and narration. I don't see any flaws in narration too 😍 I am looking forward to the plot development and more twists and turns~~ Good luck author! Great job 👍👌


-Just passing by- (I hope WN creates comment section too cause idk where to write these stuff when I have comments abt the novel, like this) The synopsis attracted me. It seemed like he FL and ML's fate will be miserable. But then when you have experience reading a novel like 'The Genius' First Love' I realize how it isn't as miserable as it sounds. The FL and ML says they love the other, but they keep giving reasons why they can't be together. The reasons so logical/sensible that it's annoying. I can't even argue. The only thing I know is that I regret reading it. That novel is full of heartbreak, I tell you. They dated, married, got kids. In the end... divorce. The reason for divorce isn't because they didn't love each other. Instead, they divorced because between her family and the love of her life, she chose her family. That was the most miserable story I have ever read. I can't believe I read 90% of that novel. But then again, I only persevered reading all those heart breaking experiences because I thought that the FL and ML would figure it out in the end. Be together forever. Happy ever after. The end.---But no there's no rainbows and unicorns there. After all the drama, the conclusion is that FL and ML's suffering wouldn't end unless they cut their connection. *I'm internally crying* And yes, I am here because this novel "Forced marriage: Escaping her Monster" made me remember that cursed couple (I'm still hurting just thinking about it). I think I'll only recover from it once I see an FL and ML I ship ends up together. Which is why my interest in this novel only increased as I read the synopsis. So I guess I'm up to read this novel now...


Intense! Whoa! I was in for a ride! The novel is well-written and very vividly portrayed like a movie playing in front of me. I just don't understand the guys here. and I hate the sister. 🙄 I like Jerlina and I feel sorry for all the sufferings she had to go through. 😔 I wish for things to be better for her. Well done, author. Keep on writing. 🤗👍



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