1 CT : CTC

As two individuals where fighting with immensely illogical things happening around them ( specifically Hakari and Kashimo ), a man wearing complete and utter rags appeared on the top of one of the few buildings which they haven't destroyed with their immense physical prowess and speed.

"Status!" Said the man.

[ Akira Rento

Lv - 100 : ( World limit )

Titles - Godslayer ( CT ), Curse creator, Lord of pathways.

Traits - Cursed energy, Allpath ( CT )

Cursed energy output : 1009

Cursed technique : CTC ( cursed technique creation ).

Created techniques ( 6/7 ) :

1 - Pathway creation ( EX - MAX )

2 - Allpath ( EX - MAX )

3 - Limitless Evo ( EX - MAX )

4 - Curse of wisdom ( SSS+ - MAX )

5 - Primordial demon ( SSS+ - MAX )

6 - Godslayer ( EX - MAX )

7 - A/N

SB ( soulbound ) : Primordial Demon, Shinsui, Realm of power ]

As the man looked at the window, He admitted a burst of energy which both of the mystery men noticed.

"HAHAHA!! A NEW OPPONENT!" Said one of the men (Kashimo).

"Hmmm. I'm only here to fight him buddy!" Said the other (Hakari).

"I'm not here to fight you." Said the other mysterious individual.

"( Pathway ) Illuminator : Burning of Heaven!" Said the mysterious Man in rags, as he lifted his left arm up.... Only for it to catch a blaze!

- Crisp...! + -

As the blazing fire, which was for some strange reason white, continued to soar up words to the point where it was a pillar of burning flames, the mystery man said 4 words.

"But I'll harm you."

As the man said this, both Hakari and Kashimo felt immense danger, far surpassing even the danger that they felt from Ryomen!

"Now burn through the heavens...

And make the divine feel pain!" Said the man, using some sort of chant to make the previously white flames even stronger, for bringing them down.

"Ah shucks-


- ( 5 months beforehand ) -

A man was wearing a simple black shirt and black pants while watching the news, It was specifically connected to sorcerer society.

"The amazing, strongest sorcerer, is here with us TODAY! We're just here to see if Gojo Satorou could explain how he teaches his new first year students." Said the news anchor ( who was a women ), as they practically began shaking when Gojo, 'The strongest sorcerer in the current age', a white haired, 6'3, 28, year old man stepped on TV.

"Ah, I don't know if I should be the best one to ask....but I'll say it!" Said Satorou, his charismatic ( which would make kids in the current age call him the 'Rizzler' ) appearance making the news anchor blush heavily, but she was a professional after all.

"Basically, all I try to do is connect with my students, after all, being a sorcerer, ya never know when your life comes flashing!" Satorou said, surprisingly nonchalantly.

"Ah... If only this strongest sorcerer dude had actually witnessed or been inside of a life or death moment before.." said Akira, The Man on the couch who was watching the television.

"Although it's not like I can be talking either." Said Akira...

[ World travel system activated! ]

As Akira looked at the blue status panel that had appeared in front of him, he wondered :

'What made me go crazy?'

[ You ain't crazy host, but instead you are very lucky!

You're one of the few people in the entirety of the infinite Omniversus who actually gain access to a fully working system!

The world travel system, strongest system of all, gives you a special ability for every world that you travel to, allowing you to rise and strength fairly quickly.

Although we got to tell you some rules! :

1 - every world has a level limit, and if you met or passed the level limit of a certain world that you want to go to in your previous world, you can still go to it, recently just can't level up in that world.

2 - The only way to level up is either by killing humanoid creatures or any form of entity inside of that world ( things that are really tiny or are just not that strong like bugs do not count. )

3 - due to the fact that you are in your first world and have not traveled once, You will have to meet the level limit of this entire world to actually move on and travel, also with your technique I wouldn't suggest trying to make a 'world travel' ability as it would be really useless when you have a system made towards it... ]

"Hah... It's weird how crazy detailed this thing is. Am I in some sort of illusion?" Said Akira, as he genuinely looked around.

[ Host....argh.... I've activated physical touch for the status panels, So you can see that you're not crazy. ]

"Physical touch huh. But I did hear that some illusions could be really real to the point where you can even touch them." Said Akira.

[ You know what... ]


[ Since I can't really set any restrictions on you ( which keep in mind that I would love to do ) I will just give you a reward... ]

[ + 10 cursed energy output ]

As soon As the blue system prompt appeared, Akira felt like he could release a little bit more cursed energy.

"HUH!" Said Akira as he finally realized that he wasn't mad or having a dream, as a mysterious blue and fire like energy seeped out of his body. Although it did feel draining to use, He was utilizing cursed energy.

"I see....( YYAAAAAAASSSSS )... Well if you are a system give me my status window!" Said Akira.

[ Akira Rento

Lv.1 ( normal person - adult male )

Titles - A/N

Traits - Cursed energy

Cursed energy output : 12

Cursed technique : CTC ( cursed technique creation )

Created techniques ( 0/2 ) :

1 - A/N

2 - A/N

SB ( Soulbound ) : A/N

Shop ( feature )

Shop points ( SP ) : 0 ]

"I see... So my power is to create curse techniques.... WAIT WHAT!" Said Akira.

[ Surprisingly that's natural, your curse technique creation would only be able to create two curse techniques however due to the system by doing quests and buying extra slots through the shop, you can increase your limit ]

"OH GOD... WAIT A SECOND THINK RATIONALLY!" Said Akira, barely coming down.

As he pressed on the first slot, a blue see-through box with things like its own status prompt that said [ Name : a/n ] and other things appeared.

"Hmm, I need something which no one else in this world can use, almost like my own power sys....!"

- ( 2 hours later ) -

[ Absorbing ability....

Creating ability...

Transforming ability...

Setting limits on ability ( due to it being the first time that the user has created a ability, No limits shall be set, this cell also be the same for the second time that you are creating an ability )...

Ability finalized...! ]

[ Cursed technique : Pathway creation, has been obtained.

Pathways :

- illuminator ( concept : heat + illumination + life + light )

- jester ( concepts : illusions + fake )

- Celestalis ( concepts : space + time + law )

- stonekeeper ( concepts : relics + enchantments + items + arrays )

- slave ( concept : servitude )

- Dead ( concepts : death + necromancy + ice + darkness )

- Morpher ( concepts : shape-shifting + fake )

- knight ( concepts : Justice + blades + weaponry + sub-servitude )

- Witch ( concepts : alchemy + Evil ( depends ) + poison + environmental magic )

- magician ( concepts : elemental magic + freedom )

- Twilight ( concepts : Moon + sun + stars + solar + day + night ) ]

As Akira sent that message to the side of his vision, he paid attention to the next one that had appeared due to his creation of another technique.

[ Cursed technique : Allpath ( allows the user to hold all the currently made paths, and evolve in each of them at the very same rate ) ]

"YESSS!" Said Akira, as he jumped up while lifting his arm up.

[ Hidden quest 'Make two cursed techniques' has been completed.

Rewards :

+10 Lv

+10 CE output

Physical power increase

Quests unlocked ]

As soon as Akira finished reading the message, he felt a burst of cursed energy enter his body.

Along with that, he received another message! :

[ Daily quest ( 1 ) :

- try to become a strong as possible!

Requirements :

- 1000 push-ups ( 0/1000 )

- 1,000 sit-ups ( 0/1000 )

- run 10 km ( 0/10 )

( To finish this quest, no Cursed energy can be used )

Rewards :

- increase in physical capabilities ( 2x )

- creation of skill 'Buff' ( You have to do this quest the first time for this reward to be obtained )

- Full heal ( stackable + includes poisons and debuffs, but due to its imperfectiveness it can also erase buffs as well ) ]

"A QUEST!?" Shouted Akira."Well if I'm trying to become a sorcerer that can liberate the world itself, then I'm definitely going to have to get as much power that I can! ( 'Buff' included )!" Said Akira, as with his newfound power, he left his living room and went into his bedroom, grabbing some clothes that he had inside of his closet that were meant for exercise.

"Let's go!"

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