Lord Of Mysteries In DC

Follow the journey of Klein Moretti as he explored the Dc Universe. Watch as he develops bonds, fights against beings, and searching for his purpose in a new world, devoid of family or friends. Discover with him, the joys of life, the thrill of battle, the happiness of saving lives. Follow as he creates enemies aswell as forge friendship with allies. ———————————————————— I do not own any character or pictures throughout my fan-fictions. this is purely for fan-fic without any other intention.

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Chapter 2: Settlement

Hey guys, updates will be every 2 days since I still need to write a bunch of chapters in between each chapter release. I'm also human so I need some rest aswell. I'm a busy person.

Also are you guys enjoying this fic, I tried to do something I've never seen before, so I really don't have much going on when incorporating LOTM into DC. I'll try my best nevertheless.

This will be the justice league timeline by the way. To be honest I've only recently started reading DC comics and it being the new 52. But it won't a copy and paste type of fan-fic. It'll follow it's own different story still incorporating justice league.

Anyways, enjoy this chapter!!


3rd POv:

Earth, Los Angeles

Arriving on Earth, Klein is found standing in front of a nightclub called LUX. He is currently in his human form, wearing a 3 piece suit, black gloves a top hat, as well as a cane. Confused on where he's meant to be, he uses his intuiton to find out whether he is in the right place or not. Feeling that he is in the right place he 'fools' the surrounding people into not believing he is there and enters the nightclub. Looking around he sees he's finally back in the modern era. His previous world did have its on charms, however he misses technology, he hasn't seen a phone in years. How can he be a keyboard warrior without a keyboard.

Using his spirit vision he looks for the 'rebellious' son of Yahweh. Finding him, he 'steals' the space between them appearing in front of him. Looking at him, Klein can only describe him as perfect (not in a sexual way). A handsome man with an angular jaw, sharp eyebrows, short blonde hair. Despite his handsomeness, Klein could feel immense power, close to Yahweh but not quite. His danger intuition tells him there isn't even a possibility to win against him, however he is not malevolent. He is, according to Yahweh, Lucifer Morningstar.

Spotting Klein, Lucifer smirks, he can feel Klein is devoid of any desire. He's heard of the situation from his Father and would only help him at the minimum.

"Well hello there. Lucifer Morningstar, the Devil" Lucifer introduces, in his usual playful tone, standing up to shake Klein's hands.

"Klein Moretti, The Fool." Klein responds in an emotionless tone.

"I've heard about you from dear old Dad, that you've decided to reside in this universe from now. Seeking to find what you truly desire. I've prepared the necessary documents for you and a card with enough money to last you a mortals life. Usually I would do this for a favour or a price. However, this time since it's a request from Father, it will be free, next time i will require a favour." Lucifer says as a breifcase appears in his hands and hands it to Klein.

"What will you do?" Lucifer asks in curiosity

"Hmmm, I want to see this world first. I'll be going 'soul' searching, find meaning to my life once more." Klein replies, seeming that he's thought for a long time about it.

"Ah, I see. Well enjoy yourself. Do what you desire. However peace of advice, this multiverse is much more that what it seems. There are heroes, villains, magicians, demons, dimensional lords, all that jazz, so watch out for yourself. You are quite strong so you'll survive. Anyways, it was good knowing you, make sure you survive." Saying that, Lucifer leaves while's waving his hand at Klein.

Looking at the briefcase, Klein opens it to see a passport, some identification, a phone and a credit card. Leaving Lux, Klein walks to a nearby park and sits on the bench. Still 'invisible' (by 'fooling'), Klein takes a long at the surrounding. In his previous universe, he worked so hard just to find a way back home, only to realise he never left. Now he's finally back, only in a different universe altogether. This didn't feel like a win, however it wasn't a loss either. He might be able to finally enjoy life.

Thinking about it, now that's he's in modern day Earth, would there be another Zhou Mingeui? Not possible. Ignoring his thoughts, Klein decides to first visit his hometown. One that he yearned so much to see again. Unable to decide whether he should use his abilities or relish in the joy of taking aeroplane again, he decides to flip a coin.

Opening the historical void, Klein reaches out for a coin. However what came out wasn't a coin but a mirror, Arrodes. Baffled at the situation, Klein asks,

"How are you here, Arrodes?"

"Great Master, I'm so happy to see you again, I thought I lost you. Your humble, loyal, loving servant is here." Arrodes replied. The sentence almost seems fanatical. "Great Master, it was Yahweh who allowed me to stay by your side. He allowed me to hear your conversation. I was stuck in the historical void however once you opened it I was able to be by your side again."

"I see."

As per the rules of Arrodes, where one you ask a questio, it will force the user to answer embarrassing questions or receive a punishment;

"Great Master, how do you feel?"

"Empty Arrodes, however hopeful. I'm in a new land with different opportunities. I'm stronger than before I first appeared in Tingen city, and I've already come to terms with never being able to return to home. So really, I feel lost yet excited for the future." Klein replies with a small smile, looking at Arrodes who was floating in front of him. "How should I go to China? By plane or abilities?"

"You should use your ability first however once you finish your tour in China, we should start using a plane to enjoy the sites, honourable master." Arrodes suggests.

"Hmm you are right."

"Great Master will we leave now?"

"Yes." Klein says, before opening a door to an empty park in China.


(3 years later…)

After 3 years, Klein and Arrodes have explored nearly every country on Earth. Some countries were too closed off, and he didn't want to go through so much trouble just to get into the country for some sightseeing. How could 'fool' everyone, however he wouldn't enjoy it, since nobody could see him. He did find a country under the sea, as well as an island full of women who are demigods. They had a spark of the divine in them.

After 3 years, Klein has started to feel some appreciation for this world. Although this world is dangerous, it's not as teeming with madness and conspiracy's spanning thousands of years, instead there are heroes and villains. Superpowered people who protects their cities as well as the world against villains who seek to cause chaos or do anything for their plans.

However, to Klein, differentiate between good and evil, Hero's and Villians is all subjective. Klein has killed numerous beyonders for acts of revenge or to further his purpose, however in the process he's saved millions of people. Just because he's killed does that make him a villain. According to this world, killing is an act of evil, even if it's to save innocent people, it's still regarded as evil. Therefore by this earths view, he could be a villain.

Anyways, Klein is returning to the USA because his prophetic abilities, warns him of an imminent attack happening soon. A powerful being will descend with an army to conquer Earth. Klein has just arrived into this universe not long ago, any yet again he finds himself trying to defend Earth once more. Perhaps it's a calling for him, or perhaps he misses the action, he doesn't know.

"Great Master, will you perhaps fight against the being who will descend?"

"Perhaps." Klein replies ambiguously, seeming as if he's alright seen the outcome.

Although Klein really doesn't need Arrodes, he is a companion who's travelled to a different universe with him. He's helped him immensely, as well as being the only connection he has to his old world. A partner for life.

Arriving in New York, Klein is looking for any stores that are for sale. Throughout his journey, he thought hard about what to after he travels. He decided he would open a caffé. Not just any caffé, but a buckland style caffé, that sells tea and coffee as well as confectionery from his old world. The way he does this is by getting the tea leaves and coffee beans from the historical void, in which he can maintain indefinitely, so that he can hand ground it. He's already learnt recipes for the confectionary which he will hand make.

"Arrodes, which store would be the best to buy for a caffé that is not too conspicuous? I want a store where people can just relax by theirselves."

"Great Master, you should buy the one on ****** avenue, situated in the corner of the street. It isn't too conspicuous, and meets all of your demands."

"Thank you, Arrodes."

"Great Master, is it too your liking?"


Finding the caffé through divination, he teleports himself to the destination. He contacts the number for the store in order to buy it with the card Lucifer gave him. He hardly used it since he doesn't need to sleep or eat, as well as hardly used a plane to travel. He did, however travel by plane some times, for old time sakes.


(One Week Later…)

After one week, the store is ready with all the necessary equipment and it was time for its opening. He made sure to put some mystic defenses on the store, as well as ant-divination, in order to keep the store safe. He's put numerous traps and defenses all due to his cautious personality.

He also uses his abilities to 'fool' everyone within the store into thinking Arrodes is a waiter. He wonders if he done the right thing, he doesn't know what questions Arrodes might ask. After finishing the preparations, he finally opens the store.

And as you can see, no customers so far. After all, Klein wasn't actively promoting the caffé so there aren't any customers after 3 hours of the store opening.

As if Yahweh seen his plight, the bell rings in the Caffé. A customer at last. Klein looks towards the entrance of the caffé and he sees a beautiful women. She looks as if she was handcrafted by god himself. She had long wavy black hair, sharp eyebrows, long eyelashes, perfectly shaped nose, and plump red lips. She has a body, women would do anything to get. It seems as if she would incite jealousy in every women as well as being the dream of every man. Klein however was no ordinary man. Although he was an admirer of beauty, he would not lust for such things. She was however, wearing strange clothes, in fact it would be hard to call it clothes. It would be more precise to call it a leotard, leaving less to imagine. It was a combination between silver, red and blue, with stars for her pants. The top seems metallic, it looked like an armour. Although he's seen women on the demons pathway, even they would get jealous in front of her.

As Klein was observing the women, the women was also observing Klein. She looks at the young barrister. He was handsome, but not the most handsome man she's ever seen. He was seated in a chair behind the counter, observing her. He has short black hair, that is parted in the side. He has a top hat sitting on the counter, he was wearing a suit that seems to fit him quite well. He was wearing gold rimmed, rectangular glasses across his face. The atmosphere of the caffé seems quite Victorian. It looks similar to what it looked when she first came into the Men's world. However, the thing that caught her attention the most is his eyes. Those brown eyes seems as if he's seen the vicissitudes of life.

Klein seeing he observe him, he decides to take the initiative and introduce himself to his first customer.

"Welcome to The Fool's Caffé, I'm Klein Moretti. Would could I get for you today?" Introduces Klein.

"Greetings Mr. Moretti, I am Diana Prince. I would like whatever you would recommend me, as well as your recommendation of pastries. To go please." The women, now identified as Diana, requested.

"Sure." Saying this, Klein goes to make brew her a cup of Sweet Ice Tea, seeing as it is a hot day outside today. It is local beverage of Southern Loen. It's a bit like iced black tea from earth, with a stronger taste of tea and more refreshing. As he was making the tea, Arrodes was entertaining Diana, whiles she waits.

"So why 'The Fools Caffeé' as you store's name?" Diana asks Arrodes

"That is but one of the great master's name, he goes by many. The Fool, The Door, The Error, the Lord Of Myseteries." Arrodes replies, casually spilling secrets to Diana.

Confused by the answer he gave she was going to ask, however;

"As per the rules, you would have to answer one of my questions: As the princess of Themyscira, an Amazon princess, why do you wear something very revealing into the Men's world, knowing men are lustful creatures?" Arrodes asks as per his rules. Diana hearing this was completely baffled as to how he knew who she was and what she was, but still due to her good nature, she answered the question.

"This is but my armour. An Amazon must always be ready for a fight. Whenever, wherever I must wear my armour to defend. It is revealing so that I may fight without much interference from heavy armour, as well as being able to breathe properly when I fight my foes." Diana answers Arrodes honestly.

"So what do the titles mean?" Diana asks.

"It's exactly as it means. The great master has accommodated those three authorities, and has become the Lord of Mysteries. A Great Old One, one of the pillars of the universe." Arrodes replies, once again spilling secrets as if they're his.

Before Diana could ask another question, Klein appears with her order, a cup of Sweet Iced Tea, and a slice of a Lemon cake.

"These are specialties of my homeland. A sweet iced tea, and lemon cake, all freshly made."

"I thank you, Mr. Moretti. They look delightful. How much would it cost?" She asks

"Since you are my first customer, they will be free. However seeing as you are an upright person, to repay me you can come again and buy some more." Klein replies, with a smile. It's been a long time since he's met someone quite pure and upright.

"Then Mr. Moretti, I will come tomorrow, once again, to enjoy these delicacies you've produced." She says with a smile, as she starts to leave the Caffé.

Once she leaves, the smile on her face becomes serious. She has never heard from her mother about these Great Old Ones, or The Lord Of Mysteries. Looking back at the Caffé, she decided to go gather some information about the owner, Klein Moretti.

(A/N: She isn't going to make him an enemy. Jus the things she heard from Arrodes caused her to question why someone with grand titles is here in an ordinary caffe). Her intstinct, honed through numerous battles, tells her that he is a powerful being. More powerful then anyone she's ever faced before, and she's defeated Ares.

Back in the Caffé, Arrodes seems as if his mirrors broke;

"Great Master, did I overstep my bounds?"

"No, I do not mind. She is not an evil entity. Although strong, she wouldn't make an enemy out of me for not reason. So I do not mind what you told her. But you can't keep telling everyone, it might cause them to feel fear, causing me to not being able to enjoy my retirement life."

"I see, thank you Exalted One, I will make sure not to overstep my limits again. Great Master do you have a question for me?"

"Are you enjoying yourself?"

"Yes. Great Master, are 'you' enjoying yourself?"


To be continued…


Hey guys, how did you enjoy this chapter? I've been trying to integrate DC characters into the story, without it seeming forced. I think I did a pretty good job.

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