424 Underground Maze

Translator: CKtalon

Albus Medici… Lumian repeated the name to himself, glancing at the member of the Iron and Blood Cross Order who had suddenly appeared.

During Gardner Martin's gathering, Albus had never revealed his last name, and Gardner Martin had never introduced him. Now, he had actually given his full name to Poufer Sauron.

Is he trying to make it more realistic? Lumian's gaze swept across Albus's face, and he realized that when Count Poufer mentioned the surname Medici, he didn't hide his mockery at all, as if mocking the Sauron family member.

"Ciel Dubois," Lumian extended his right hand and politely introduced himself.

Albus casually shook his hand, a smile evident in his eyes.

He said, "I've heard your name before, a generous patron of art."

The member of the Iron and Blood Cross Order emphasized "generous."

"That's mainly thanks to my sponsor," Lumian said with a double entendre.


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