400 Transferring Burdens

Translator: CKtalon

The street lamps outside the window had already lit up. Franca gazed at Browns Sauron and spoke, "I've already mentioned my name. I reside in the market district and hold a significant position within the Savoie Mob. That's all I can reveal. You're free to investigate me as you wish. In any case, I have two objectives. Firstly, I intend to probe into the Bliss Society and eliminate any hidden threats. Secondly, I plan to take the opportunity to gain insight into the female gathering."

Franca couldn't help but smile at her last statement.

Her strategy for the day involved connecting with people genuinely—a tactic she had devised with Lumian. If the Demoness at the Red House Café approached her, she would "confess" her intentions and assess if the other party had any ties to the Bliss Society.


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