350 Negative Effects

Translator: CKtalon

"How can that be?" Jenna exclaimed, her surprise and confusion evident.

She recollected the mysticism gathering's conclusion, where participants dispersed through various routes at sporadic intervals. The two of them had been cautious, ensuring they left no clues. So, how had they been followed?

Observing Jenna's restraint from looking back, Franca calmly moved ahead and whispered,

"Who knows? Perhaps another participant chose this route and stumbled upon someone ahead. They might want to tail us, hoping for an opportunity to strike it big. Or maybe someone with unusual skills tracked us in an unexpected way.

"Let's keep moving forward as if nothing's amiss. We'll be safe once we reach the street under the arcade.

"If our pursuer strikes before then, drop the carbide lamp immediately and hide in the nearby shadows. Depending on the situation, you can decide how to join the fight."


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