Lord of Mysteries 2: Circle of Inevitability

Sequel to Lord of Mysteries

Cuttlefish That Loves Diving · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
828 Chs

Minute Hope

Translator: CKtalon

Days earlier, beneath the crimson "peak," adjacent to the warped "city wall."

Lumian knelt on the ground, gazing up at the enigmatic woman as she approached.

Her words echoed in his ears, only to gradually grow muffled.

Lumian's hands pressed against the ground, clenching the soil as if attempting to crush it into liquid.

As the mysterious woman halted about a meter away, he scrambled to his feet, anxiety gripping his voice, "Didn't you say there's still hope? Didn't you claim Aurore and the others could be saved if I broke out of the loop myself?"

His voice grew hoarser with each word.

The enigmatic woman remained silent, her eyes filled with pity as she gazed at him.

Lumian hesitated before asking, hope lacing his words, "There's still hope, right?