1 Chapter 1: Time Travel

[Money isn't the object for greed, it is the object of peace but to acquire this and give your close ones a happy life, you have to be greedy and selfish.


The whole word spinning, people were doubling and everything was shaking. Now the world wasn't trying to break out of something like the so-called Matrix, the reason for this was because of my drunken state.

I had drunk a lot of alcohol to drown in my grief and fun fact this was the first time I drank in my entire. I fell on the concrete floor face first injuring my forehead making it bleed.

Thankfully the alcohol reduced the effect of pain but the green bottle in hand was now broken leaving only sharp pieces on the floor. The green small piece of glass was all reflecting my broken self.

Once I used to be handsome and kind but now, I am just a shell. My skin color had paled, and my dark brown eyes usually filled happiness was just empty like a void. My black hair which was stylized was now turning white and I even encountered hair loss.

Due to my grief, I looked far beyond my age. I was currently 20 years old, but I looked like someone who was 34. This was all ultimately because of my viewpoint of life.

If I only spend more time with my parents maybe just maybe it could prevent their death. If I DIDN'T FALL FOR THAT WITCH.

Who am I bloody kidding? It's all my fault ultimately since Shiva had given me a choice metaphorically. I ended up choosing the wrong one because of my bloody foolishness.

Maybe Money isn't the epitome of greed instead it's the epitome of a peaceful life which I could have instead of wasting for some bloody love which was mentioned in stories and drama.

Now there is no one beside me, just me all lonely. I didn't cry since there was nothing left anymore inside me. I smiled pitifully and then grabbed the broken glass with sharp edges.

I winced when some of the edges pierced my palm but then I made a horizontal cut on my throat severing my Jugular vein. I could feel the blood pooling and I was choking on it.

There was pain and suffering but the sweet remembrance of the embrace of death reassured me. Slowly everything faded to black, and I could hear beeping sounds.

Time passed by and I could feel that I was still alive, which disappointed me and made me open my eyes. I was in a hospital room judging by the white surface and medical equipment around me.

I slowly rose and leaned on the hard pillow, but looking down at my body I was shocked since it had shrunk by a huge margin.

During my death I was 6ft 4inches but now I was much shorter, I had many theories on why this was but the most famous theory inside my mind was time travel.

To test that theory, I need a mirror and thankfully a nurse was beside me sleeping on duty. This nurse was an elderly lady with white hair, blue eyes and a wrinkled-filled face.

But I recognized her she was the nurse that took care of me when I was 15 years and was admitted to a hospital. She had died but now that I am seeing her living, I can definitely say I time traveled.

I lightly tapped and she slowly opened her eyes while yawning but when she saw me, she jumped out of fright.

"What happened?"

I asked calmly.

"Nothing you just scared me with that emotionless glint in your eyes."

Looks like my emotionless eyes due to misfortunes had come with me too in this life. Well at least it could be used as an intimidation tactic to make someone do my bidding.


I apologized but there was no emotion in my voice, looks like I am still emotionally disconnected from people just like in the future.

She slightly frowned at the lack of feelings but smiled, nonetheless. She told me to wait as she went to call my parents and I just nodded not being able summon any emotions.

Fuck why did I have to carry my future personality in my past body too. Currently I was staring at the front wall thinking about my past mistakes and reviewing them.

But as soon as my parents entered the room, and I caught a glimpse of their faces my emotionless face turned into one of crying. Tears were streaming down my face.

My handsome father with black hair and light brown eyes was in surprise at my emotional face and quickly rushed to me and hugged me. Same case with my beautiful mother who had brown hair and light brown eyes, she too rushed forwards and hugged me along with my father.

I was crying in their embrace and if I had to guess normally, I would be emotionless, but my subconscious mind wouldn't allow it with my parents which meant I would be emotionally attached to them.

I was in there embrace for a long time crying and my mother literally cried when she saw my sad visage while my father stayed strong though he was also worried about this crying but hid it with love.

He continued patting my back and rubbing it clearly trying hard to console me. It worked surprisingly well since after a while my tears stopped and I quickly wiped away my tears.

I looked at the door of the room to see the nurse looking at this family time with a smile in her face clearly missing her own family. I mustered up a smile and the granny just gave me a thumbs up before leaving happy to see such a wholesome moment.

But as soon as she left, my face was filled with anger fortunately my parents couldn't see it.

"Thank you lord shiva, for giving me a chance. In this life I promise to myself no what happens I will become rich and give my parents a luxurious along with me enjoying with them these luxuries."

I vowed inside my head with a determined glint in my eyes.


So yeah, this story will be dark, and the MC will be selfish even though he is neutral. Less comedy will be here and more will be uncovered as you read this.

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