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[Dimensional Magic Cube's Instructions] [1. The Dimensional Magic Cube can automatically absorb the energy that exists in the dimension. Once a month, it can randomly open a dimensional channel and perform dimensional travel.] [2. The Dimensional Magic Cube has the ability to convert various powers from different dimensions, ready to be activated and used at any time.] [3. There is a storage space inside the Dimensional Magic Cube, which can be opened and used at any time.] [4. ...] This is the story of a man who once couldn't choose his own future but vowed to live for himself in this new life. Carrying the Dimensional Magic Cube, Riezel arrived in the world of swords and magic and wandered through different worlds, hoping to find redemption in another world. === In a nutshell, a story about a man from Earth who got transmigrated into a fantasy world (original/main world) and has the ability to travel to various anime worlds to become stronger. Visited Worlds: 1. Danmachi (Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?) 2. Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) 3. ... === This is a translation. I'm translating as I read and making some modifications to the story if needed. Author: Ruqing Rusu Original: https://book.qidian.com/info/1035015624 === Support and read advanced chapters at: patreon.com/VALRRR

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Magic Compatibility

Riezel, with his magic 'Almighty', truly had the ability to break through what Yuri referred to as common sense.

Regardless of whether he had compatibility with the control system, as long as she explained the detailed effects of the magic and demonstrated it in front of him, that magic would belong to him.

Therefore, whether his compatibility was good or bad, to be honest, it didn't have much of an impact on him. However, he was still quite curious about his compatibility with the four major magic systems.

As for Yuri, after knowing Riezel's miraculous feats, she didn't think his magic compatibility would be bad.

"Well, even though I don't know your compatibility with the control system, you should have one compatibility that can reach fifth grade." Yuri suddenly said, causing Riezel to pause.

"Fifth grade?" Riezel asked doubtfully.

"It means compatibility of '50'." Yuri explained when she noticed his confusion. "These terms come from the four highest academies on the Akasha continent. To simplify the assessment of students' compatibility, the four academies have set grades for each compatibility."

"Compatibility '10' is considered first grade."

"Compatibility '20' is second grade."

"Compatibility '30' is third grade, and so on."

In other words, Yuri's compatibility with the control system was at the highest seventh grade, while her compatibility with the other three systems was at the lowest first grade.

Earlier, Yuri mentioned that Riezel had one compatibility that could reach fifth grade, indicating he had a compatibility for a major magic system that could reach '50'.

"Why are you so sure I can reach fifth grade?" Riezel was a bit puzzled.

Upon hearing his question, Yuri rolled her eyes.

"Why do you think you were considered to have the potential to become a Tactical-Class Magician before? Even if your magical energy is abundant enough to cast tactical-class magic, if you don't have compatibility reaching at least fifth grade in one of the major magic systems, you couldn't learn tactical-class magic you know?"

"Now here's the question—even before you underwent compatibility testing, why did everyone consider you to have the potential to become a Tactical-Class Magician and even a Strategic-Class Magician? Isn't it because of your performance at the academy, gaining recognition from the academy higher-ups?"

Eventually, Yuri's explanation made Riezel realize.

Even though he hadn't undergone compatibility testing, the original Riezel must have shown some degree of talent during magic training at Spriller Academy. His talent gained recognition from the higher-ups at the academy, who believed he had the compatibility to cast tactical-class magic.

As a result, rumors of the original Riezel having the potential to become a Tactical-Class Magician and even a Strategic-Class Magician emerged precisely for this reason.

Therefore, since it was possible to use tactical-class magic, it proved that he had one compatibility for a major magic system that could reach fifth grade.

"Of course, having high compatibility just means being able to use high-difficulty, high-class magic. As I mentioned before, some magicians can become powerful solely by using combat-class magic."

Yuri added a mild warning as she noticed his thoughtful expression. She was a little concerned that he might become complacent and arrogant.

"Take that friend of yours, the second son of the Rhein family, for example. It is said that he has fourth-grade transformation system, third-grade interference system, second-grade control system, and first-grade structure system compatibilities. Although he can't use tactical-class magic, he can flexibly use combat-class magic from two to three major magic systems, and his magic usage is extremely cleverly coordinated. That's why, even after just three years of enrollment, he can hold his own against Sword Master-level experts."

Perhaps Yuri had already forgotten, but saying this was akin to telling Riezel that she was investigating the people around him (out of a protective instinct).

Fortunately, he didn't mind this detail; he just nodded to show he understood.

Compatibility, like magical energy, was better to have more of, but it was certainly not a necessity.

Generally speaking, if one just considering combat, having fourth-grade compatibility in a major magic system was completely acceptable. This grade of compatibility, aside from tactical-class magic and strategic-class magic, could basically allow one to learn any combat-class magic within that system.

Mastering combat-class magic, even if it couldn't become a weapon capable of annihilating armies, cities, or even countries in one strike, could still become a sniper rifle capable of precisely targeting any enemy.

Yuri always held onto this mindset, never feeling complacent or arrogant about being a Strategic-Class Magician. In combat, which was usually fast-paced, without the ability to use strategic-class magic or even tactical-class magic, she might not necessarily defeat a Sword Saint.

"That being said, becoming a Tactical-Class Magician is certainly a great achievement in itself."

Yuri seemed to change the subject, starting to console Riezel.

"Whether it's becoming a Tactical-Class Magician or a Strategic-Class Magician, the demands on magical energy and compatibility are extremely high."

"In this world, some people possess abundant magical energy, yet their compatibility might fall short. Some have high compatibility but lack enough magical energy. Because of this, few can become Tactical-Class Magicians, let alone Strategic-Class Magicians. That's why there are merely eight Strategic-Class Magicians across the entire continent."

"Tactical-Class Magicians in Jinas are also few, at most twenty to thirty people. In total, there are probably only around a hundred Tactical-Class Magicians on the entire continent."

Yuri's meaning was that being able to become a Tactical-Class Magician, even if one couldn't be complacent, should be a source of pride.

"C'mon, let's see how your compatibility fares." Yuri pushed the compass toward Riezel.

Riezel's attention was immediately diverted, looking at the compass in front of him. He extended his hand and placed his palm on the gem.


The gem immediately radiated light, causing water to flow out from it.

Before long, all the water flowed into the four designated areas.

Riezel and Yuri watched closely.


Transformation System: First grade.

Control System: Second grade.

Interference System: Fifth grade.

Structure System: Second grade.


Riezel's magic compatibilities were fifth grade for the interference system, second grade for the control system and structure system, and first grade for the transformation system.

"Interference system reaching fifth grade? That's surprising..." Yuri muttered, somewhat taken aback.

"Is it strange?" Riezel asked.

"No, just... unexpected..." Yuri shook her head. "Among the four major magic systems, the transformation system is widely known for its compatibility and proficiency, while the interference system is the opposite. Though not particularly rare, magicians proficient in interference system magic are the fewest."

"Among the eight current Strategic-Class Magicians, four specialize in the transformation system, two in the control system, and two in the structure system. Not a single one specializes in the interference system."

"Even among Jinas's Tactical-Class Magicians, those proficient in the interference system are the fewest."

Yet Riezel had fifth-grade compatibility in the interference system, making him almost certain to excel in it.

"Though not as common, some magicians still use interference system magic as an auxiliary means, like your friend I mentioned earlier. But magicians with fifth-grade compatibility in the interference system are indeed rare."

After saying that, Yuri began to understand what Riezel had said earlier.

He had indeed used special means to successfully cast that tactical-class magic, which burned her residence. After all, his first-grade compatibility in the transformation system was the lowest among all compatibilities.

However, during their time at her residence, the tactical-class magic he cast was clearly fire magic from the transformation system.

With Riezel's first-grade compatibility, casting tactical-class magic that required fifth-grade compatibility was impossible. This proved that the tactical-class magic he had used before was not cast through normal means.

Realizing this, Yuri breathed a sigh of relief.

Sure enough, Riezel hadn't deceived her.

"Besides reaching fifth grade in the interference system, your control system is only at second grade. Though not high, I still have control system magic I can teach you." Yuri's mood instantly brightened, her face bearing a smile. "Having second-grade compatibility in the control system might make learning my control system magic a bit of a stretch, but still, this is my specialty. So, what do you think? Do you still want to learn from me?"

Riezel didn't say anything in response to her question; he simply looked at her with a smile.

Seeing his smile, Yuri also smiled, then quickly reached out her hand and placed it on the compass in front of her.


After her voice resounded, a fluctuation of magical energy suddenly appeared in her hands, becoming visible to the naked eye. The fluctuation resembled a vortex spinning in her hands.

When it touched the compass, something incredible happened.

The compass began to decompose, not shatter nor destroyed, but entirely broken down into three parts—a gem, water, and a wooden plate.

Upon seeing this phenomenon, Riezel's eyes widened as he seemed to realize something.

'Could it be... a chantless magic?'

Yes, Yuri's magic was actually a chantless magic. Not an ultra-short chant, not a short chant, not even a long chant or an ultra-long chant, but completely without a chant.

"This is decomposition magic, the magic I use most often and the one I excel at the most."

Yuri's voice slowly echoed.

"Everything has its structure. If you unravel this structure, you can decompose these things into different substances, returning them to their original state."

"That's what decomposition magic is all about, instantly permeating the interior of an object and unconditionally breaking it apart, causing the object to lose its original function and form."

"Studying decomposition magic to the end will allow you to decompose all substances, even to the point of changing them to nothing."

After saying that, the purple vortex in Yuri's hand became more intense.

At this moment, Riezel felt an extremely dangerous aura emanating from it.

Soon, Yuri gently pressed the purple vortex onto the gem, water, and wooden plate.

The next moment, whether it was the gem, water, or wooden plate, they all disappeared into nothingness. They had been decomposed to the point of nonexistence; even their very existence had dissolved.

Understanding this, Riezel's mind had only one thought.

'This time, I've hit a jackpot.'

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