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[Dimensional Magic Cube's Instructions] [1. The Dimensional Magic Cube can automatically absorb the energy that exists in the dimension. Once a month, it can randomly open a dimensional channel and perform dimensional travel.] [2. The Dimensional Magic Cube has the ability to convert various powers from different dimensions, ready to be activated and used at any time.] [3. There is a storage space inside the Dimensional Magic Cube, which can be opened and used at any time.] [4. ...] This is the story of a man who once couldn't choose his own future but vowed to live for himself in this new life. Carrying the Dimensional Magic Cube, Riezel arrived in the world of swords and magic and wandered through different worlds, hoping to find redemption in another world. === In a nutshell, a story about a man from Earth who got transmigrated into a fantasy world (original/main world) and has the ability to travel to various anime worlds to become stronger. Visited Worlds: 1. Danmachi (Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?) 2. Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) 3. ... === This is a translation. I'm translating as I read and making some modifications to the story if needed. Author: Ruqing Rusu Original: https://book.qidian.com/info/1035015624 === Support and read advanced chapters at: patreon.com/VALRRR

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Imaginary System

Decomposition magic.

A magic that could unravel the structure of any object, rendering it devoid of its original function and form, even transforming it back into nothingness.

Riezel almost instantly grasped the terrifying nature of this magic.

Especially as the purple vortex intensified in Yuri's hand, he sensed a dangerous aura emanating from it, stimulating his survival instinct. It was as if a voice in his mind was desperately shouting 'Run!'.

The more he stared at it, the more his whole body wanted to tremble uncontrollably.

There was no doubt that once he touched this purple vortex, he would surely die, and not even a speck of flesh would remain in this world, directly decomposed into nothing.

"Is this decomposition magic also part of the control system?" Riezel suppressed the trembling in his heart and asked Yuri.

"Um, that's right." Yuri nodded. "All magic that can control and dominate external substances and concepts falls under the category of control system. The essence of decomposition magic is to invade the structure of things and unravel them, which is undoubtedly a form of control and domination over external substances."

"Of course, since it also affects the body, it somewhat touches upon the realm of the interference system. However, the interference system affects both one's body and others directly. On the other hand, decomposition magic targets substances, with the body being just one aspect of it, not its primary focus. So, decomposition magic still falls under the category of control system."

With that, Yuri dispersed the purple vortex in her hand, causing the dangerous aura that stimulated Riezel's survival instinct to quietly dissipate.

He couldn't help but exhale a breath, closing his eyes and beginning to remember the magic he had just witnessed.

The specific effect of the magic—confirmed.

The specific manifestation of the magic—confirmed.

The memory—formed.



As the air trembled, an astonishing surge of magical energy quickly emerged from Riezel's body and gathered in his hand.

"What... is this..." Yuri, who had been smiling, suddenly stood up, showing an expression of shock.

Before her eyes, Riezel, who was closing his eyes, raised one of his hands.

There, a vortex of magical energy began to intensively rotate, appearing in his hand as if it were burning like flames.

This scene was exactly the same as when she had just used decomposition magic earlier.

"So... you really learned this magic?" Yuri couldn't believe her eyes.

In truth, decomposition magic wasn't as difficult as it seemed.

Being able to decompose objects was not wrong. Just like she did at first, breaking down a compass into three parts—a gem, water, and a wooden plate—was something many people could achieve.

Some magicians proficient in the structure system, particularly those involved in crafting magic items, sometimes used decomposition magic as an auxiliary magic. After all, magicians involved in crafting magic items often needed to break down various objects to facilitate further processes.

Therefore, decomposition magic wasn't as difficult to learn as it seemed. Even magicians with first-grade control system compatibility could still learn it.

However, while learning was easy, achieving mastery like her, who could disassemble the structure of any object and cause total destruction, even reducing them to nothing, was incredibly difficult.

At least, as far as she knew, there might be only her on the entire Akasha Continent who could utilize decomposition magic to such an extent.

After all, the first magic she learned was decomposition magic, so she had a unique understanding of it. Through continuous study, she evolved her decomposition magic to a terrifying degree.

In the past, she became a Tactical-Class Magician because she had created a tactical-class scale of decomposition magic.

Even when she became a Strategic-Class Magician, it was for the same reason. It was due to creating a strategic-class scale of decomposition magic that she gained overnight fame.

In this world, there was no one better than her in understanding and using decomposition magic.

Thus, her initial idea was to first teach Riezel the most basic decomposition magic, simply being able to disassemble objects into several component parts, then gradually deepen his understanding, spending one to two years to refine his decomposition magic.

Eventually, even if he couldn't use tactical-class or strategic-class decomposition magic like herself, he could push his decomposition magic to the limit of combat-class magic.

For a magician with second-grade control system compatibility, such achievements would be impossible theoretically. But she had some expectations for his so-called 'stroke of luck', thus she had this idea.

Who would have thought that in just a blink of an eye, Riezel completed his study of decomposition magic? Judging by the compression level of his decomposition magic, it was almost identical to when she used it herself earlier!

The trembling sensation Riezel just felt, the fear of being disintegrated into nothing in an instant, was now present in Yuri's body, telling her that he had indeed mastered this magic to the same extent as herself!

'So, this is what he called a 'stroke of luck'? But what kind of 'luck' could lead to such an absurd thing?'

Her mind was struggling to keep up with reality.

However, something was off.

"You... Why does your decomposition magic feel different from mine?" Yuri finally voiced the most pressing question.

Indeed, although both of their decomposition magic was at the same level, the nature of the decomposition magic he used seemed somewhat different from hers.

The evidence was clear—Yuri's decomposition magic manifested as a purple vortex, while Riezel's decomposition magic appeared as a crimson vortex.

His flame-like crimson vortex, to Yuri, felt peculiar.

"Different?" Riezel paused slightly, opening his eyes and gazing at the crimson vortex in his hand.

Yuri also looked on, her eyes flickering.

"Don't move."

Shortly after saying that, she raised her hand and used her decomposition magic once more, causing a purple vortex to emerge.

She brought the purple vortex close to the crimson vortex in Riezel's hand, allowing them to make contact.

In the next moment, something incredible happened.


The purple vortex that made contact with the crimson vortex suddenly exploded, being decomposed by the latter.


Riezel's decomposition magic decomposed Yuri's decomposition magic.

"What's going on?"

Now, Riezel was truly shocked.

On the other hand, Yuri stared blankly at the unchanged crimson vortex in Riezel's hand before speaking slowly, word by word.

"Imaginary... system... compatibility..." Yuri turned her gaze toward Riezel's eyes. "You actually have 'Imaginary System' compatibility..."

At this moment, her look at him resembled that of someone observing a super rare animal.

"Imaginary system?" Riezel muttered, his face bewildered. "Wasn't it supposed to be four major magic systems? How come there's a sudden mention of the imaginary system?"

What did this mean? Did this mean there was actually a fifth major system aside from the four major magic systems?

While Riezel's mind was in turmoil, Yuri sighed and began to explain.

"The imaginary system doesn't belong to the major magic systems, because it's different from any other system, yet it can integrate with any system."

She sat down, exhaling deeply.

"In this world, there is no magic from the imaginary system, but there exist four types of magic systems with imaginary names. They are the 'Imaginary Transformation System', the 'Imaginary Control System', the 'Imaginary Interference System', and the 'Imaginary Structure System'... Now, do you understand what I mean?"

In response to her question, Riezel simply shook his head. Seriously, he had only learned about the four major magic systems today; how would he know about the existence of the imaginary system?

"Let me explain..." Yuri hesitated for a moment. "The term 'Imaginary' refers to the idea of 'originally didn't exist', meaning it's a hypothesis or a conjecture."

"The imaginary system is different from the four major magic systems. It has no term of first-grade, second-grade, or third-grade compatibility. It's either 'there' or it's 'not'. It's simply a distinction between '0' and '1', with no '10' or '70'."

"In this world, there is truly no magic from the imaginary system, but when using magic from the four major magic systems, magicians with imaginary system compatibility often cause unknown changes in their magic."

"For example, common magic from the transformation system like fire magic, when used, releases flames that burn everything to ash. However, if the user has imaginary system compatibility and releases fire magic, the flames produced won't burn the object, but freeze it into ice."

"Any magic from the transformation system that can cause such a peculiar effect is what we call imaginary transformation system magic."

"The precognition system magic I mentioned earlier is also a form of imaginary interference system. Generally, magic from the interference system can only affect something like memory, mind, soul, and other things that truly exist. But precognition system magic affects something vague like future, time, or destiny."

"In short, magic from the interference system that can interfere with something that 'originally didn't exist' is called imaginary interference system magic."

"Your use of decomposition magic has now become a form of imaginary control system magic, not only capable of decomposing substances but also capable of decomposing magic itself."

"People with imaginary system compatibility are extremely rare. Not only is it impossible to test if someone has it or not, but they also have certain peculiarities. Some have two hearts, some have three eyes, and some are like heteromorphs; in short, they have different body features from normal humans."

"These body features are something that 'originally didn't exist' in this world. Scholars in the field of magic believe that it is precisely because they have such peculiar body features that they possess imaginary system compatibility."

After explaining all of that, Yuri gave Riezel a curious look.

"Now, the question is... why do you have compatibility with the imaginary system? Do you also possess something that 'originally didn't exist' in this world?"

Her question plunged Riezel into silence.

Something that originally didn't exist in this world?

Of course, such a thing existed.

After all, he was someone who originally didn't exist in this world.

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