Looking for you and me

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What is Looking for you and me

Read ‘Looking for you and me’ Online for Free, written by the author Daoistj8INDl, This book is a Video Games Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Be Mine I never know I can fall in love with you Am here thinking about you when I didn't have the opportunity to ...


Be Mine I never know I can fall in love with you Am here thinking about you when I didn't have the opportunity to have you anymore if I can change our memories all our memories that we share I would have do so but here am regreting

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In the land of Gladell, where history is written by the sword and the crown, the name Astrid Deemus resonates as a paragon of knightly virtue. Her rise from a youthful prodigy to the youngest Captain of the Royal Knights is a tale woven into the fabric of the continent’s lore. Known for her gallant deeds and strategic brilliance, she was the linchpin in Gladell's golden era of prosperity and peace. But as the relentless tides of time march on, even the most steadfast warriors must heed the call for change. Seeking solace from the unyielding demands of fame and duty, Astrid chooses a path less traveled by heroes of her caliber – a life of solitude and exploration, away from the rigid structures of knighthood. Her departure from the royal court marks the beginning of a personal quest for inner peace, a journey to rediscover the beauty and wonders of the world she once vowed to protect. Yet, the world outside the protective walls of the castle is not as she remembers. The landscape of Gladell is evolving, with new threats looming on the horizon and a younger generation of knights questioning the old ways. Astrid's legendary status, intended to be left behind, becomes an inescapable shadow, drawing both reverence and conflict. Throughout her travels, Astrid confronts not just external threats but also an internal struggle. She battles with the question of her identity beyond her armor and titles. The story delves into themes of legacy, the impact of fame, and the pursuit of a new purpose in a world that refuses to let her forget her past. ‘Echoes of Valor’ is a tale of a storied warrior struggling to find her place in a world that has outgrown the black-and-white morality of old battles. It’s a story about the burden of legacy, the challenge of adapting to new realities, and the enduring quest for personal identity beyond the battlefield. As she navigates this new chapter of her life, Astrid must reconcile the echoes of her valiant past with the uncertain whisper of a future unwritten.

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"Bamby!.." kahit sobrang basa na ako. Nilalamig na dahil kanina pa ako sa ilalim ng malakas na ulan. Nakaya ko pa ring tumayo at harapin ang taong tumawag saking pangalan. Hindi Bamby ang tawag nya sakin eh. Babe!. Bakit biglang nagbago?. Halos hindi ko na sya maaninag. Hapon na kasi kung kaya't madilim na ang paligid. Epekto ng malakas na ulan. Kinuyom ko ang palad nang matanaw kong palapit sya sakin. "Dyan ka lang!.." nanginginig kong sambit. Nag-init muli ang gilid ng mata ko. Hindi ko na kailangan pang magpanggap na hindi umiiyak dahil hindi naman iyon halata sa lakas ng ulan. Para ngang nakikisama sakin ang panahon. Nagdadalamhati rin sa unang pagkabigo ko. Dinadamayan ako. Sinasabing, umiyak ka lang para di masakit. Pero tangina talaga! Kahit anong iyak ko. Masakit pa rin eh. Sobrang sakit ng puso kong makitang unti unting nawawala ang taong pinangarap ko. "Babe?.." basag na rin ang kanyang boses. Isang pulgada pa rin ang agwat naming dalawa. Ngunit sa layo naming iyon, ramdam ko pa rin ang hindi ko maintindihan na presensya nya. Ang gulo. O ako ngayon ang naguguluhan sa lahat. "Di mo naman sinabi sakin na, ang tindi pala ng sikat ng araw sa inyo.." Tumingin ako sa kawalan. Natatawa. Baliw na yata ako. Pinunasan ko ang luhang naglandas saking pisngi. Di pa nga ata luha iyon eh. Kundi tubig ulan. Ganun na ako kalito sa nangyayari. "Ang init nyo masyado.... nakakapaso.." Wala na akong pakialam kung hinde nya maintindihan ang sinabi ko. Ang gusto ko lang ngayon, ay sabihin lahat ng gusto ko... sa huling pagkakataon.. "Babe?.." muli. Gumawa sya ng limang hakbang pero hanggang doon nalang sya dahil ayokong lumapit pa sya. "Dyan ka lang!." mariin kong banta. Natigilan sya. Nagmamakaawa ang kanyang mga mata. Pulang pula na rin ang kanyang ilong. Tanda na umiiyak rin sya. Hell! Wala akong pakialam. "Nangako ka hindi ba?.." suminghot ako. Sa wakas, nagkaroon ng lakas ng loob na tumingin sa kanyang mata. "Nangako ka sa akin?." hindi sya tumango o umiling o kahit na ano. Pinanood nya lang akong humagulgol sa unang pagkakataon. Bumuhos ang luhang kanina ko pa ayaw pakawalan. Hindi ko na kaya. Ang hirap. "Kumapit ako doon.. pinaniwalaan ko..pero anong ginawa mo?.." nanghina ang tuhod ko dahilan para mapaupo ako. At... doon umiyak ng umiyak. "Hindi ko alam..." "Anong hindi mo alam huh?.. Jaden, naniwala ako sa'yo.. bakit mo iyon sinira?.." Hindi sya makapagsalita. Huminga ako ng malaim bago muling tumayo. "Anong pakiramdam huh, masarap ba syang humalik?.." "Bullshit!!." malutong nitong mura. "Hindi ko yun ginusto.." dagdag nya matapos ang ilan pang mura. "Hindi ginusto pero pumayag ka!?.." mahina ngunit madiin ko itong ipinahayag sa kanya. Konting konti nalang, sisigaw na ako. Konting salita pa Jaden. Isa na namang mura ang pinakawalan nya. "Kaya pala hindi mo magawang tugunan ang mga tawag at text ko dahil masyado kang abala.." "Bamby, tama na..." mahinahon nynag himig. Di ko sya pinakinggan. Nagpatuloy lamang ako. "Mas masarap nga naman sya kaysa sakin..." "Sinabi nang tama na!!!.." sa unang pagkakataon. Nakita ko kung paano sya magalit. Ramdam ko ang apoy na nag-aalab galing sa kanyang mata kahit malamig ang bawat patak ng ulan. Galit ang namutawi sa kanya. Wanna read more?. Add this story in your library and see for yourself! You'll loved it!. Please Like, Comment And Share! Thank you!. Keep safe y'all!!!

Chixemo · Teen
303 Chs


“I want to taste you” He smirked down at her as his wolf excited while watching her. “You taste so exquisite” He grunted and breathed against her neck. “I like when you're undressed” His fingers slipped against the fabric of her shirt. “Didn't yo…you said you hate me?” She stammered while watching his lustful gaze on her. “It's once upon a time my dear mate, now you're pure hellish obsession! For whom I can go up to any extent.” Slamming his lips on her, making her breathless, he exclaimed. “I want you to be mine, and you have no reason to ever leave my side, my dear little mate.” His threatening gone so far as claiming by force. He was brought by humans, whereas he is a pure-blooded werewolf. He was hated and rejected from his birth. Furthermore, he is a wolf, just so innocent but deep inside dangerous. Her life changed when she was bound to marry a monster in a helpless situation, he was the reason for her miseries but marrying him is the only option in front of her. He is cold and dangerous, she is innocent and broken by her fate but not weak to let destiny bully her. A marriage of convenience is the perfect solution. No emotions involved. Just a simple business deal. That’s how it started, and that’s how it’s supposed to end, but the involuntary forced marriage turned into dangerous obsessive love, making both of them fall for eachother head over heels. The story of an abandoned Alpha and his innocent angel yet to begin, be ready to witness an emotional and thriller journey. Note: 18+, matured content, cruel scenes, abusive content, strong language, read at your own risk.

AuthorShizuka · Urban
Not enough ratings
1 Chs


I've danced with the devil Spoken to him in tongue, Fought him and won. But he rose again Threw me down and held me Arms pinned above my head Legs risen onto his shoulders. He slowly pressed himself into me Touched my lips with the slightest touch of his Gave me his disease I have the devil in me. He whispered to me, "You want it Young One, Yet you cannot have it…" I clenched and bent my back. The Devil still had me in his grasp. He touched me. I felt the shiver engulf me, The touch of sin, The touch of pain. Hands fought with each other As he tried to make his way Into my most precious, Most precious…private secrets. I refused to let him. I tried to stop him. But he is gifted at this cruel game, He enjoys so much to play. He danced with me, In a trance of spins and dips, I fall all over again. His powers are wondrous, My power is weak. For I am just a helpless child This beast wants to draw in One that it can intertwine with itself And destroy bit by bit. Secrets shared and lies told, Honesty surrounds us... My words were bold. "I love you" The devil was silent. He knew all along… The path he has driven me on Has led me into insanity Hold me Asmodai Please me Asmodai Satan... Tell me you love me. Wrap me in your arms and kiss me. Hold my hand and whisper to me That you were once small and weak, That I remind you of yourself You felt that pain, You have those scars, Yet you stopped... Asmodai, you miss it don't you? He is the devil in disguise. He is beautiful to the eye, Yet to the human soul He is torturous. Devours you… Leaving you frozen and stuck. What to do now my dear devil? Come with me. Massage my sore limbs. Touch me everywhere As I lay here wearing nothing but my underwear. I feel your breath by my ear As you tell me Goodnight stories About a brave knight who loves his ale Sing me that Spanish lullaby. "Mujer," You speak my language. You know my tongue. As I do yours. Play that role of the hero, Take me away Down into the loud subways Tell me I am yours. Tell me I am beautiful. I'm a fool for you And a fool for Gluttony. Satan dear Satan... Release me from your dungeons They are tearing me apart. The pain you left behind Has instilled in me now. You say your smile is fake... My tears are not. My kingdom is a place of bliss. Your kingdom is a place of tragedy. Satan dear Satan... Take me away. May your devilish Charm, Allow us to fly away. We will dream of happiness Wake up next to each other And look at what we've become. Satan You are my Saviour. In the name of the Devil, Il Diavolo, y el Diablo... Amen. Part two of Asebia: The God of Sin. It can be read as a stand alone but reading the part one is strongly advised.

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Music of Broken Hearts (#1)

Vikram Singh. A billionaire and powerful businessman, but is a man of his words. Nobility is his finest trait and honesty, greatest treasure. Today, he is standing at the top of the world, but only a few know that how much sacrifices he has made to establish the Empire. When he walked through flames of life to touch the sky, he turned cold. At a very young age, he understood that world wasn’t composed of fairy tales. He learned that the stories which mothers tell their children before bed were false. They were fabricated to scare them and teach them a few pathetic morals which carry no values in the real world. He watched the truth, love, and losers in the world getting crushed under the cruel and fake people. The kindness in his heart burned to ruthlessness. So, he pulled the walls around him. But till how long this strong exterior could be maintained? What will he do when Tara, an innocent girl will enter his life like a storm and break those walls exposing him to her eyes. Tara Gupta She is an angel with her wings shackled. A warm person walking on eggshells with her bleeding heart on the palm. Her eyes held tears of past, punctuating the agony of soul. Beaten from destiny and tired from life, her heart took the torture of demons that caged her. Will Vikram be able to break the bars that restricted her flight or walk away like thousand others? What will she do? Will she accept all his scars or wound him even more, breaking him further, for forever. It is maybe a cliché story, but its story of two broken hearts seeking a home. Let’s see how long someone can suppress their naivety of hearts.

Lovina_S · General
Not enough ratings

The Chronicles of Ethera

"The Chronicles of Ethera" weaves a tale of unity and interconnectedness across the realms of existence. Set in the vast cosmic expanse, the novel follows the journey of luminaries, celestial beings tasked with nurturing the evolution of souls towards a higher consciousness. The luminary guardian, a radiant presence representing the essence of unity, calls for a Harmonic Convergence—an extraordinary gathering that draws luminaries and beings from all dimensions. During this convergence, the realms experience a transformative awakening, embracing their shared interconnectedness. Together, they co-create a symphony of unity that transcends time and space. As the luminaries guide the realms, collaboration and interdimensional exchange flourish, igniting innovation, cultural enrichment, and spiritual growth. The tapestry of stories within "The Chronicles of Ethera" captures the diverse expressions of unity and the sacred balance between oneness and diversity. Art, science, philosophy, and spirituality intertwine, revealing the profound wisdom that emerges from the interplay of interconnected souls. Throughout their journey, the luminaries inspire beings to embrace their divine essence and tap into their unique gifts. They guide civilizations to collaborate, transcending boundaries and forging alliances that elevate collective consciousness. The luminary guardian's unwavering presence embodies the everlasting nature of unity, providing guidance and love to all who seek wisdom. Within the tapestry of Ethera, the eternal symphony of unity endures, continuously expanding and evolving. The Chronicles chronicle the journey towards unity, celebrating the transformative power that emerges when beings come together in love and harmony. As the realms of Ethera embark on a never-ending exploration of interconnection, the novel leaves readers with a profound understanding—that within the dance of unity lies the potential for infinite growth, creativity, and shared purpose. "The Chronicles of Ethera" invites readers into a world where unity transcends boundaries, where the luminous threads that bind souls illuminate the potential within each being. It is a testament to the transformative power of interconnectedness and a reminder of the collective destiny that weaves through the tapestry of existence.

olduvai_jevanjee · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
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