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Look Away There's Nothing To See Here


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Vincent Gate, A Middle-Class man with a below low-class life. His mother was a rape victim in coma. To bring his mother out of her coma, He tried all he can but one day all his efforts went to nought and not too long after he followed. He expected to find himself in Satan’s embrace or God’s grace, instead he woke up in a queue of long souls with an Identification No [77777]. He was judged to be passed on but had complications so he couldn’t, hence he had to be reincarnated but with an ability only . By why does he find himself with an overpowered ability and a system to boot? In a new world, new dimension, new danger. How can Vincent Gate expect to survive with an ability to make all that exists his [Sandbox]? ‘’By the Power of [@#$@!], [Devour].’’ ‘’By the Power of [@#$@!], [Rewrite]’’ ‘’By the Power of [@#$@!], [Kill Yourself] Read and find out. /// A little Authors Note I'll also be posting on RoyalRoad and scribble hub. You guys should check it out since the Chapters there have less mistakes. Also Polls will take place there


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