Longevity Clan Starts with the Patriarch's Marriage

After transmigrating into a fantasy world and struggling for over a hundred years, the mediocre Han Li had given up. After descending the mountain to take a wife, he discovered he had opened the fantasy world in the wrong way. He could rise to power just by lying flat, so why bother with arduous cultivation and endless fighting? Years later, the Eternal Clan began its quiet rise, its tendrils spreading across myriad realms, manipulating the Great Saints and Immortal Mansions from behind. One day, Han Li, sitting high in the Nine Heavens, watched over his countless descendants, narrating his glorious history. An Immortal Emperor crossed realms intending to obliterate the Han Family, but was flicked to death by Han Li with a snap of his fingers. Suddenly, all realms trembled at the revelation that Patriarch Han was so powerful! [Eternal Flow + Family Flow + Survival Flow]

Ride the wind while it's weak · Eastern
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Chapter 31: Nine Levels of the Gangyuan Realm - Part 1

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Within Lingjun City, one wedding after another was continuously held.

The brides came from the families and powers of Fengyang Manor and other three manors, but there was only one groom.

As things developed to the present, although he was still taking concubines according to the standards set by the System, Han Li's requirements for taking concubines kept getting higher.

To become his concubine, one must have at least ninth-grade cultivation talent and a beauty score above eighty-five.

The days ahead were long, and as his cultivation increased, the number of his concubines would grow more and more. So, Han Li deliberately controlled the quality of his concubines.

Taking too many concubines at once was not good either; it would leave Han Li overwhelmed and unable to cope.