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Long Live The Emperor!

Slicing Water II

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Yet another victim of the inscrutable synopsis. Look, Ji is a disgraced Imperial prince who also happens to be a transmigrator whose goldfinger activated too late for him to stop the scheme that got him locked up in a library with nothing but Buddhist sutras to read. ONLY! His goldfinger's skill is to assimilate whatever he reads and immediately make him a master of whatever skill generates. Now, it's up to him to defend his only blood sibling and overturn the Heavens (and his neglectful father) to take his rightful place as ruler of all!

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Hey, good-looking. Did I catch your attention now? Hopefully so, because I want to talk to you about this novel. With the 3 1/2 years I've been here, I have seen pretty much all of it. Good novel, bad novels, trash novels. This? This is a good one. Written like an epic, with a classical plot of the MC suffering with only his lovable (really, she is lovable) blood-related (no harem here folks) sister, and finally the pair of siblings were given the chance to rise up and carve out their own existence in the world. As of the other wonderful reviewers, have said, this has excellent world building, story-building that is never fast or slow, with the MC adequately and sufficently merciless to his enemies, but kind to others who supported him, and thebones that had never slighted him or his sister. tldr character summary: a reasonable, realistc character, and adorable, valiant, kind hearted sister that I envy with all my heart. I'll cut this short. Please do yourself a favor and try this. Read all the free chapters. If this didn't catch your eye like it did for me, I'm confident that at least, you'll agree that this is a good novel. Stay safe, readers. -MilordInk


Reading this book reminds me of "Sign In Buddha's Palm". They have different concept and story but similarities are there. For example- the late arrival of the Golden Finger, the story starts with Buddhism, close with a younger sister, the MC are patient and smart but they have a deep obsession. SIBP's mc want to achieve immortality while LLE's mc want to take everything that belongs to him back. All in all, the two books are very good to me. They deserve full stars.


This is a better version of "Nine Sun God King" and "I Have Countless Legendary Swords". This actually takes time to elaborate the Characters and Politics. It's actually well written. There's no BS so far. (Well only 40 chapters) [img=coins][img=exp] I'm more eager for Cultivation than Politics though...


let's be honest you know I am Handsome..ok ok here comes real thing: This Novel is Gems.. Among recent Trial it is quite good. MC character is fantastic. New reader will love it. old reader will enjoy it. MC cheat is quite good. Story is well written. world background is interesting. so read it ok. by the way I am handsome then you.


I just accidentally found oug about this book so i havent read it past 20 chapters buT since the Beginning you coUld tell that The book is very interesting and im looking forward tO more development


Good character design MC is not a retard who does thing without thinking and the budhist refrences makes it even more interesting A solid book, better than most of the dog shit stories being picked lately


If you want truly a novel where the protagonist is fun to read. I recommend you one Conditions to read: 1.Brain cells must have gone under mutation 2. The novel got pretty boring after 200th chapters or something. Well here I go, 我不想长生不死啊 Well if you don't like, i don't care. .xd


petition to bring back the world of deities.........................................................................................................................


A MC that actually feels competent to me. Sadly it won’t get picked because people like and pay for bad novels. Filler jekfidodkdkddffffdfrdffgggfff


Long Live the Emperor or 皇兄万岁 in mandarin is a good novel so far. I can't comment on anything past chapter forty as it has yet to be released as of me writing this review. I would highly recommend you give it a shot but enter this novel with the knowledge that it uses a lot of references to Buddhism, and Devils. Some concepts are confusing at points even with the help of the translators. Translation Quality is superb. I honestly wouldn't have a clue what was going on in this novel if the translation wasn't so well done. Great job by Stability of Updates I'm going to assume is two a day assuming this gets selected. Story Development is where if I had the option would give it a 4.5 instead of 5 stars as the plot is slow at certain points. Some battles or concepts could have been explained in a single chapter rather than three to five. I personally didn't mind it but I know it probably isn't for everyone. Character Design is where this story excels the most. First off, the main character Xia Ji is phenomenal. He is a transmigrator who isn't rash or stupid in any capacity. Rather Xia Ji uses his head many times throughout what I have read so far. Not saying he is a genius or perfect but at least he thinks cognitively a majority of the time. Xia Ji is cunning, powerful, but also gentle at times. Not to mention his little sister who livens up this story a lot with her pure heart in a world of darkness. World Background is where this story fails heavily so far. Honestly, we know nothing about the world. Only bits and pieces here and there but not much else beyond that. Overall rating: 4.8/5 stars due to the lack of world background which often left me confused as not much has been explained about the world itself yet. Maybe I'm just stupid and missed something though.


petition to bring back the world of deities.........................................................................................................................


I actually really like this novel. I gotta say im surprised. At first glace, it seems like a generic cultivation book, but its a little different. It has more wuxia elements than xanxia(so far) and it is more focused on dao, gaining enlightenment through understanding and learning(in this case through buddism) , than through Fighting and cultivation of qi. And yet, the MC is still a reincarnated dude with a cheat. It makes the book a breath of fresh air as it has been a long time since qidian has added a book like this. There seems to also be kingsom building in this novels future. We have only caught a glimpse of the court intriges so far, but politics and strategy seems to be a prevalent aspect of the novel. I look forward to more chapters!


Patient and smart mc. The goldenfinger is not too overpowering. It is rara to see such a complete book. A breath of fresh air within the eastern novels.


This is a great novel. Its really interesting and the mc, while he practices buddhist techniques he is also a demonic buddha and its awesome. This should get more support.


DON'T MISS THIS ONE...... LITERALLY.. This is one hell of a story, I don't know how it will progress but till now it's mind-blowing. The story development, world background it's seamless. the characters are alive in great sense(read it, feel it), it's perfect (for me). Im not gonna mention anything about inside of story, just read the 1st chapter and believe me you'll love it.


Interesting and refreshing read. A great world building where characters and power levels are seamlessly introduced followed with an exceptional character development. It has me hooked and invested in the mc and his sister. 5/5


5 star , for me............waiting for new update.,.,.,.,.,.,..,,..,.,.,.,..,.,,.,.,..,.,,..,.,,.,..,.,,..,.,.,..,.,.,.,.,.,.,..,.,.,.,,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,..,,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,..,.,.,..,.,...,.,.,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,..,,.............,,,.,.,.,.,.,.,..,,..,.,.


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can anyone recommend me similar books related to budha or evil budha cultivation .......... . .