Living With A Narcissistic Brother in-law Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Living With A Narcissistic Brother in-law


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Strictly no r*pe Mikael squatted in front of Natalie and leaned closer to her ears and said to her. ‘‘Nat, do you know why you are feeling that way?’’ ‘‘No’’ Natalie shook her head. ‘‘I will tell you’’ he said and leaned even closer. He bit her ear and she tensed up. ‘‘I am the only one who is able to make you feel tense like this. I am the only one who is able to make you feel confuse and most importantly, the reason why your heart is beating this fast is because of one thing’’ Mikael touched her face, making her look up to meet his gaze. ‘‘Your heart is in turmoil because you like me and guess what, I am not giving you for no one. Not even my brother. You belong to me alone. Mikael Sun’’ Natalia thought she had the best of everything until her husband of three weeks suddenly passed away in an accident but, was it really an accident? With no time to pick up the pieces of her life, she receives an unexpected visitor in the name of Mikael Sun, a top actor claiming to be the younger brother of the late Thomas Sun. Natalie’s boring life becomes exciting as she gets wrapped up with scandals with her brother in law and a mother in law who is always pushing her into the arms of her second son after the first one is presumed dead. A cold but shameless male lead who is an actor? A cute mother in law who loves her to death and don’t mind making her marry her second son after the second son passes away? A little sister who loves her and always wants to protect her? A best friend who secretly ship her and her brother in law? A mother who abandoned her for a better life? An evil step sister? Well, you have seen it all but this is not your average book so join me in unravelling all of the secrets. Secrets that will bring laughter, happiness, tears, pain but a happy ending for everyone. How further are the complications now? What started as a misunderstanding led to a brooding love story with the cute mother in law pushing his son into her daughter in law's bed.


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