Living Doll of MHA

A child is born into the world of MHA. She is not born in Japan but is instead born in England. Her Quirk? It is still yet to be determined but from her birth, she has the appearance of a baby toy doll. Will she be a hero? Will she become a villain? Or will her path be one that is her own that is outside of those two choices? (Short release of a chapter or couple of them, unlike my other projects that have been continued.. do not expect regular updates!) Kofi Link to donate and join monthly for early chapter releases: https://ko-fi.com/dancematdan Discord Link: https://discord.gg/ehdpPFzrFF

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Years kept passing by and the hero society of England continued to develop with there being the usual setbacks.

Just as heroes were rising up to protect others and were working towards keeping the peace, other organisations had their own agendas that they wished to push and villains kept appearing in all kinds of places.

Each person was born and shaped by their environment causing them to be more drawn towards a certain direction unless they were saved from it or chose to fight against it themselves.

In many corners of the world behind closed doors or in less regulated areas where many injustices could not be stopped, children were being raised in abuse or were being taught the wrong kinds of lessons that caused them to be more drawn towards using their Quirks the wrong way.

Among them was a girl who had grown up passing through one region to the next constantly on the move.

She saw all kinds of different sights with her own eyes and through the eyes of the dolls she had a connection to.

Tiffany grew up very neglected and she had to learn how to look after herself from a very young age.

She could not even trust in her adoptive parents to care for her.

Her trust in them had been lost when she became aware of their true motives that were to have her sold off to the highest bidder if she ever manifested a powerful Quirk.

She had chosen to hide her Quirk from her adoptive parents and assisted those who were in a similar situation to herself.

Her fellow brothers and sisters that were sold off and scattered all around England were provided support to help secure a way for them to live.

Some rose up to become valued members of the organisations that purchased them while some others were able to step onto their own path after escaping a difficult life they could no longer continue to endure.

There had been some losses along the way and Tiffany encountered many times when she felt powerless after losing someone important.

The more that she helped out, the more that she had to split her attention between each one and that only resulted in her being away during a critical time for one of them.

There were times when Tiffany was kept busy with her performance and other tasks in the travelling carnival which resulted in her time being spent away from those she actually cared for.

It was something that could not be avoided since she still needed to have a little money to support herself and to make it look like she was still of use.

Even if Tiffany did not trust her adoptive parents, the carnival was still somewhere that she grew up in and could not see herself anywhere else.

It was difficult to let go of the place she grew up in even if she was being neglected and exploited by her adoptive parents.

She continued to grow up secretly amassing what little wealth and power she could gain from her information gathering while not a single bit of it had been known by her adoptive parents.

It was much too difficult for Tiffany to gain any of it while moving from place to place with the Carnival so her siblings had to hold onto most of what she earned.

There were some betrayals that resulted from greed but those of her more trusted siblings were able to resolve those problems quickly and effectively while there was the occasional loss that had been suffered by someone getting away with a large amount of money.

Among the many tents and attractions late at night was a smaller tent that had been set up where Tiffany was staying.

It provided basic shelter and very little protection from the cold night accompanied by the gusts of cold wind coming through.

Bails of hay were piled up in blocks and among them was a teenage figure that lay over one pile.

She was dressed in a gothic style carnival corset dress that was patched up and sewn like it had been repeatedly altered over time with many different materials.

Some of the bright colours had faded a little and some other areas were more worn out from the fabrics catching on something during her daily activities and from overuse of the same clothing that had not been replaced in a long time.

Tiffany had turned thirteen years old some time ago and spent most of her days lying down like she was.

Everyone believed that she was slacking off and lazing around but only she knew what she was up to.

Her figure had grown to gain a little more curves and her body was taller which was growing much closer to the overall shape that most ideal fashion models or mannequins were shaped like.

Her porcelain skin remained the same as before but her black hair was tied up in pigtails while being dyed in some places making her black and green hair more multicoloured.

Her brows twitched as if she picked up on something nearby and the slightest change in her expression showed that she was not in a good mood when the tent was opened allowing an older figure to step inside.

An older woman who had some strands of greyed hairs and minor wrinkles stumbled inside and her body kept swaying.

She held a bottle of whisky in her hands and took a large chug of it before turning her attention towards Tiffany. "You.. you useless brat! I should have never picked up a piece of trash like you!"