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A new streamer steps on the scene, but something is off about them. Where are they exactly? "Hey! Welcome to the stream! Your emperor appreciates the attention. Guess where I am?" AzurePrincess has donated - $3000 "Woah, that's a huge donation. Are you sure you were trying to give me that much?" AzurePrincess- This is just pocket money. I could give you more. RichGirl21 - has donated - $5000 RichGirl21 - You don't need to give him money. l can support my husband all on my own. DiamondQ - has donated - $10,000 DiamondQ - You might need to get your eyes checked. Whose husband are you supporting? "Oh boy..." First World - Marvel Warning: MC's world is loosely based on the real world, but there will be changes because it is my story! Updates: Irregular/ 5 per week/ May have less or more depending on work. Disclaimer - Images used aren't mine. They are just used for representation. I will remove it if need be.

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Live 2 (2/2)

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" " - Talking

' ' - Thoughts

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∆ - Typed Chat

(" ") - Mind Speak

★★★★ - Holographic Screen

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:Main Universe:

"I did it....but at what cost."

("Why are you being dramatic? You're just low on qi.")

"I just...always wanted to say something like that," Emil replied as he admired his work.


Although he didn't hear Mona's voice, somehow he could feel her staring at him with disappointment.

He was just happy that he had managed to do what he had set out to finish. There were a few hiccups, but he learned quite a few things about Qi.

One of the things was finding out qi is easy to use...until it's not. Controlling his qi was a walk in the park, but controlling qi not belonging to him was like riding a bull.

The amount of times the qi slipped out of his fingers was quite staggering. It was already 1:00 AM by the time he was finished.


The finished project was definitely something to marvel at. It was that of a tall, handsome man with long black hair that reached well past his shoulders and piercing grey eyes that faintly glowed.

At first glance, the man seemed cold and indifferent, giving off an aura of a calculative king, one that never cuts any corners. However, all of this would go up in smoke when he gave the gentlest of smiles.

One had to wonder how it was possible, but the only explanation was it was because of qi.

The different expressions, subtle movements of the eyebrows, and even the motion of the hair was all controlled by Qi, quickly allowing him to become one of the most life-like models to date.

Unfortunately, it was only 2D, but with more practice, Emil believed he could create a 3D model.

"Well, what do you think?" Emil asked, wiping away the sweat from his brow.

Creating the model was exhausting. It was akin to carrying a stack of bricks to a site, only for most of the bricks to fall and crumble into dust, which was quite disheartening.

(" It's an interesting choice. I do say that it does look like an emperor, so you've accomplished what you wanted.")

"I was asking for a compliment." He frowned.

("Well, you aren't getting it.)

Emil didn't know when it started, but for some reason, he wanted to hear the woman praise him.

Perhaps it was because she was sort of his teacher, but somehow he doubted that.

After finalizing everything, Emil decided it was time to sleep.

"But not without making a post...and done."


:Marvel Universe:

New York City.

There's a lot to be said about the city. However, one would never truly know until they have visited at least once.

It's the city that never sleeps, the big apple, and the city of dreams. Of course, one's perspective on the place largely depends on whether they live there or not.

The city, indeed, is crowded, and underneath its glamour is a rottenness that refuses to be wiped away, which was to be expected with the hundreds of business headquarters located on its soil.

Businesses weren't inherently bad, but there is a reason why they say money is the root of all evil.

"Everyone get down on the ground! I see one twitch, then I'm blowing your fucking brains out! Do NOT test me!" A large man wearing a ski mask said as he strolled into one of NYC's banks. If it wasn't apparent by his dark attire or what he had just announced, he was there to rob it.


The man fired a warning shot with his firearm to ensure everyone knew he meant what he said. He also came with a couple of "friends." to back him up.

They worked fast. Two were watching everyone unfortunate to be there while the other two shouted at the bank teller to fill up their duffel bags with cash.

"Hurry up, Grandpa! Or I'm going to send you to heaven a bit earlier than expected." One of the robbers said to the older bank teller that was loading the bags.

A visible line of sweat was present on his brow, clearly nervous about the entire situation. Unfortunately or Fortunately, he's been in this type of situation before, so he was better off than the other bank tellers.

"That's a bit rude, don't you think? He's at the most in his late thirties."

"Whose there?!"

Suddenly, a voice was heard from the ceiling of the building, startling all of the robbers as they scrambled to aim their firearms at the source.

Once they were focused, they could make out a masked man hanging upside down from the ceiling in a red and blue spandex.

Some of them thought they were seeing things, but not all of them could hallucinate simultaneously, right?

"Who? Ok, that's rude. I thought people like you would know me by now. Oh...sorry, did that come off as prejudice, or is that stereotyping? I forget sometimes." The man quipped as he dropped from the ceiling, extending both of his arms out and shooting out what looked to be spider webs from his wrists.


Before they knew it, the two robbers close to the bank teller had their firearms snatched like it was nothing. Seeing such an action caused one of the robbers to recognize the man.

"Spider-man!" The robber shouted in shock.

Things have been changing in New York City over the past year, and one of them happened to be the emergence of the friendly neighborhood hero, Spider-man.

His popularity rose after a particular incident with someone they dubbed the Green Goblin. It was all over the news, especially from his number hater J.J Jameson from the Daily Bugle.

Sometimes they wondered if the guy had a few screws loose.

"Hey! Someone does know me! For a second, I thought I wasn't famous." Spider-man cheekily said as he webbed the two robbers together so they couldn't escape.

"Shoot Him!!" It was at this time the other two men gathered their bearings and started to shoot at him.


However, this would turn out to be useless as Spider-man easily dodged the bullets, almost as if his body knew when he was in danger.

"Woah! And here I thought only JJ wanted me dead." Spider-man said, pointing his wrists at the two men, shooting another wave of webs to yank their weapons away. Seconds later, Spiderman leaped toward one of the men, kneeing them in the face with just enough strength to knock him out.

"Fuck this. I'm out!" Seeing this, the other man tried to make a break for it.

However, this proved futile as he was swiftly taken down with a classic wrestling move, slamming his face directly onto the cold tile floor.

"Well, that was easy."

After the last robber was taken down, everyone else inside the bank started to clap and cheer for Spider-man.

"Thank you, Spider-man!"

"We love you, Spider-man!

"You're welcome." The hero answered as he webbed the unconscious men together to make it easier for the NYPD once they arrived. He could hear the sirens, so they were less than a minute away.

"I've gotta get out here. See ya, folks!"

If there were a consensus on who the NYC public adored, then it would hands down be their friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

However, who knew in just a few short months, that would change?


:Main Universe:

On a social app, a small group of friends was discussing what they had witnessed just moments ago from their guild leader.

∆CrazyZeus∆ - He's seriously becoming a streamer.

∆EzoBladeK∆ - Should I become one too? I think I'm interesting enough. What do you guys think?

∆HaruHaru∆ - And that's the problem. You think.

∆EzoBladeK∆ - *Crying Emoji*

∆CrazyZeus∆ - Woah, and they say that I'm mean.

∆EzoBladeK∆ - Why you bully me?

∆LunaSea∆ - Knock it off, you guys. This is serious.

∆CrazyZeus∆ - Yes, vice leader, ma'am!

∆Loveless∆ - Did the boss ever express being one in the past?

∆GuardianDog∆ - No, you know how he is. He always kept to himself unless it was with us.

∆HaruHaru∆ - Honesty, I would go visit him if I could. However, I live in Canada.

∆CrazyZeus∆ - No one wants you to visit anyways, filthy maple syrup lover.

∆HaruHaru∆ - I swear one of these days, I'm going to strangle you.

∆CrazyZeus∆ - I thought Canadians were supposed to be nice.

∆HaruHaru∆ - I am nice. Just not to idiots.

∆LunaSea∆ - Guys, what did I say? Please don't make me put you into time-out.

∆StarEmperor∆ - Liberate.tv/StarEmperor

∆StarEmperor∆ - I'd appreciate your support.

∆CrazyZeus∆ - Aye, Captain!

∆EzoBladeK∆ - StarRaiders ASSEMBLEEEE!!!


:Main Universe:

"I'm so fucking nervous." Emil sighed after he posted the link to his stream to his friends.

He never told them that he was going to be a V-tuber and opted to keep it a secret until he officially started to stream. Emil had some time to think about what he was going to stream, and he decided to play the game Last Fantasy 16

(A/N: Whose getting Final Fantasy 16? I'm not because my broke ass doesn't have a ps5. Put an F in the chat.)

There were, of course, other games, but he decided to keep those for a later date.

Last Fantasy 16 was a game that just recently came out, and he managed to buy a digital copy with what little money he possessed.

("You're going to start already or what?") Mona has been quiet for quite some time. He wondered what does she do when she wasn't talking to him.

"Don't rush me. I'm trying to get into character."

("You won't have an issue doing that.")

"How can you be so sure?"

("I just know! Now start the stream already, or I'm going to spank you!")

Emil rolled his eyes. "Why is that your go-to threat? Meh, whatever, I'm doing it."

After taking a deep breath, Emil finally pressed the stream button.

It was finally go time.










(A/N: Sike, no cliffhanger!)

As soon as he pressed the stream button, he started to transfer his Qi to his computer to take over controlling his model.

Emil's tested it several times, and everything worked perfectly. The process was fairly straightforward, and if he had to compare it to anything, then using qi was essentially like breathing.

But this time...something was wrong.

"Greetings, my precious subjects. I welcome you all to my very first stream." He said, glancing at the number of viewers.

[Current Viewers - 8]

'That's more viewers than what I th-wait! That's not what he wanted to say.' Emil was alarmed. He had planned what he was going to say for hours. He even went as far as writing it down on paper to study it.

This was nowhere close to what he wanted to say!

'...Perhaps I'll try it again. Maybe I'm just a bit more into character than what I thought.'

"My name is Jun Wuxian, and I am..." He paused dramatically as his model moved closer to the screen, getting a close-up of its handsome face.

"The Emperor of the Stars."

'I definitely wasn't going to say that! What is going on?!'

With this strange occurrence, Emil assumed his body had been taken over. However, his thoughts were still his own, and he could still move his own body as he wished.

Why can't he control what he says?


All of a sudden, during his inner crisis, Emil started to hear laughter inside of his head. It was almost as if he was listening to sweet music, but somehow hearing it just made him angry.

'What did you do to me, Mona?!'

("I didn't DO anything. You did this yourself.")

'Huh?....wait have you been able to listen to my thoughts this whole time?'

("Hmm...no. I can only hear them when you are thinking of talking directly to me. Other than that, it's complete silence.")


("Why? You don't want me listening to your deepest darkest secrets?")


("Perfect because I already know everything~")


Hearing that wasn't the best of news. In fact, it was terrible news. How is one supposed to react to someone knowing everything about them?

The thought crossed his mind once whenever Mona told him she was bonded to his soul, but he forgot about it due to his circumstances.

("Don't worry, your secret is safe with me. I'll never tell a soul.") Mona sternly said.

'...I-I believe you.'

If one ever listened to how Mona talk, one would notice that it is always playful. She was like a fox given physical form, so when that all disappeared, he somehow knew he could trust her...for now.

'But it doesn't explain what is going on.'

("What did I tell you about intent?")

'That it's important, but still, that doesn't make any sens-'


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