24 Live 13 (1/2)

" " - Talking

' ' - Thoughts

[ ] - Skill/Images/Stat Increase

∆ - Typed Chat

(" ") - Mind Speak

★★★★ - Holographic Screen

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:Main Universe:



It finally happened.

Emil was finally able to make it to New York City.

And the black Jetta?

He was able to return it in pristine condition!

The employee at the time was surprised as he had never seen a rental return in such perfect condition.

It was practically brand new.

Mechanical droids for the win!

Perhaps there could be another use for them in the future?

What happened with the spider?


:Marvel Universe:


-On The Arg0-

"Ow!...what is that...a spider?"

It happened out of nowhere.

Out of the shadows emerged a mysterious ebony spider. With a swift strike, it sank its fangs into Gwen's delicate neck, injecting its potent venom into her veins.

Oddly enough, upon completion, the spider met its demise and dissipated into the ethereal void as if it had never existed.

Its effects, however...


Were real.

"Gwen!" Emil immediately left his post to check on her after witnessing her pass out on the floor.

'Mona, what was that?!' He asked as he looked Gwen over.

Apart from the bite mark on her neck, she appeared unharmed, yet he sensed her body growing warmer, indicating the onset of a fever.

("...It was a spider, but I'm not sure where it came from.") Mona responded. Unfortunately, she wasn't much help.

Emil gritted his teeth, still clearly frustrated with Mona, but he quickly put his feelings away before talking. "...Aphrodite, is there a medical bay?"

Aphrodite resolutely nodded, "Yes, there is, captain. Follow me."

In a frantic dash, he cradled Gwen tightly, racing towards the medical bay to ensure her well-being. Thankfully, the adept medical droids swiftly assessed the situation and attended to her with utmost care.

An hour had passed, and the droid that led the medical team came out with a statement.

Emil was told that whatever bit Gwen was an anomaly unlike any other and that venom was rewriting her DNA. Of course, his first thought was she was going to be a mutant monster. However, that wasn't the case.

She was becoming bigger, faster, and stronger.

(A/N: Too)

It was like a steroid but without any of the side effects.

A part of him was jealous, but that quickly went away as he was reminded he had a system.

Imagine being a person of immense wealth, akin to a millionaire, and feeling discontent because someone less fortunate than you is beginning to accumulate wealth.

Exactly ridiculous.


:Main Universe:


-Queens, NYC-

After that, everything was a blur.

At this moment, Gwen remains in a deep slumber within the confines of Arg0's medical bay.

Meanwhile, Emil successfully navigated his way back to his own Earth.

Fortunately, the starship possessed an incredible cloaking ability. Otherwise, the astronauts on the space station would have had a potential panic-inducing encounter.

There was, however, an after-effect from the warp back to his universe, a quick flash of fluorescent light.

The people that believed in aliens were going to eat it up.

Several hours after making it on Earth, Emil had made it to NYC and became the proud renter of a three-bedroom and two-bath house.

The original plan was to get an apartment; however, he changed his mind when his bank account had a bit more money because of his recent stream.

A grand total of $16,000 was in his bank account.

Not bad for someone that was technically unemployed.

He contacted LunaSea about the change, and within an hour, she had already had different places in mind.

Eventually, he chose a lovely house located in the Queens that even had a wooden fenced backyard where Lambert could roam if need be.

It was also a perfect place for him to start working out.

After everything was said and done, he was still left with a little over $9k. He paid the security deposit and three months of rent.

It was a bit pricey, but he felt like it was worth it.

Hopefully, in the future, he'll have enough to buy his own home on Earth.

Or perhaps he should look into building one in the future?

"Now to rent a moving truck, so I'm not suspicious." Emil thought out loud, managing to stop himself from just unloading all of his things from his storage ring.

While Emil was focused on his task, the Star Raiders were talking on the server chat.

∆LunaSea - He made it to NYC!!

∆CrazyZeus - Why are you so excited?

∆Haruharu - Can't she be happy for a friend who just took a massive step? It's not weird, you know.

∆CrazyZeus - She obviously can. I just find it suspicious...@StarEmperor BOSS!!

∆CrazyZeus has been muted for one day.

∆Loveless - Oh wow...silenced before he could say anything.

∆HarHaru - Huh...wheres Ezo? He usually would have said something by now?

∆GuardianDog - He said something about a family reunion.

∆HarHaru - Oh...hah! I bet he's having a wonderful time.

∆GuardianDog - He's not. Remember, he doesn't get along with other people except for us.

∆HaruHaru - That's the point...?

∆GuardianDog - Oh, you're just being rude.

∆HaruHaru - Hey! Don't make me out to be the bad guy! They always make fun of me with that jackass!

∆StarEmperor - What's going on now?

∆LunaSea - Nothing! Everything is going just fine.

∆Star Emperor - LuLu unmute Zeus.

∆LunaSea - Fine...

CrazyZeus has been unmuted.

∆CrazyZeus - Boss! She's been abusing her powers recently! She's a monster! (Cry.Gif)

∆StarEmperor - Alright, stop overreacting. Let's just make up with each other.

∆CrazyZeus - Me?! You should tell that to her! This is injustice! I'm calling the better business bureau!

StarEmperor - What?

∆HaruHaru - This isn't a business, dumbass.


∆HaruHaru - I don't know, you tell me.

∆CrazyZeus - Pfft. I knew it. Canadians can't read.

∆HaruHaru - THATS IT!!! 1V1 ME RIGHT NOW!!!

∆CrazyZeus - Why would I do that? That would be unfair.

∆HaruHaru - Why? You scared?

∆CrazyZeus - I mean, obviously, have you seen yourself in the mirror? Like Christ who cursed your ancestors. I feel bad for you, you know?

∆HaruHaru - I'm going to kill you.

∆CrazyZeus - Too late your face is already doing that.

∆HaruHaru - sjwkeksjuwjwkajzjdnfmsjzbbz

∆CrazyZeus - She's reverted back to her true self! Quick! Grab the holy water!!


:Main Universe:


-Queens, NYC-

Emil couldn't help but smack his forehead looking at the messages. Whenever Haru and Zeus get into "fighting," they are always in their own world.

The last time they were at this, it lasted an entire hour of back and forths.

'They should just go out with each other already. Or maybe they already are?' Emil wondered as he walked the streets of NYC.

What could he say about NYC?

It certainly had character.

Opting for a humble abode in a cozy corner of Queens, he embraced the charm of a smaller neighborhood. Yet, even within this place, a bustling multitude of individuals traversed the streets, engrossed in the rhythm of their everyday existence.

Emil was warned about the smell, but that posed no problem to someone who naturally filters the air around him.

Learning how to use qi certainly increased his quality of life.

All in all, he believed he would come to like his new place.

After thoroughly surveying his surroundings, he embarked on a quest to locate the nearest spot for a moving truck. To his delight, luck smiled upon him as he discovered that it was a couple of blocks away.

'Nice once I get everything in, I'll inform my fans of a stream. I'm sure they'll like it.'

Despite so many things happening, Emil managed to take a look at his V-tuber profile

[Liberate - 4,878]

[Rocket - 3,909]

They certainly increased and he was very close to his goal.

However, they didn't come close to his Arg0 account.

[Liberate - 8,203]

It was nearly double and rising.

Although he quickly found out that people were just horny. He even had quite a few DMs asking for Aphrodite's details.

Emil didn't want to deal with it, so he just turned off DMs.

As he was off in his own world, he was suddenly interrupted by a voice.

("Emil?") Mona said, her voice quivering a little.

He had been ignoring her ever since he returned to Earth, and it was quite obvious why.

After several minutes of no response, she would speak up again.

("What do you want me to say? That I'm sorry? And that I've been a jerk?")

'Once we get home again, just give me my rewards.' Emil plainly replied.

If it wasn't known before, Emil wasn't one to get angry easily. Anger just sounded exhausting to him, so when it happens, people see that he is really furious.

Only an insane person would forgive Mona easily after everything she had done. And the craziest thing is that...

He was that insane!

In his heart, he wanted to forgive her, but his brain was telling him otherwise.

So he came to a consensus.

He'll forgive her, but only when it seems like she's suffered enough.

Oddly enough, she can take insults, but she can't take silent treatment.

Was it cruel? Probably.

However, he wasn't going to be able to interact with her normally without a bit of revenge.

("What else do you need me to do to forgive me?") Mona said, sounding desperate.

Emil remained indifferent to her presence, persistently heading towards the rental spot for moving trucks. The process reminded him of when he acquired the Jetta.

'Hopefully, nothing crazy happens.'

Once he received the U-haul truck, he hurriedly departed from the establishment to beat the growing traffic.

Unfortunately for him that was never going to happen.

After an agonizing half-hour, he finally returned to the house where Lambert maintained his diligent watch outside of the front door.

As soon as he stepped foot on the premises, Lambert's unwavering dedication ended as he saw his owner return.

"Bark!" Lambert wagged his tail with glee as he approached Emil for affection.

"Such a good boy~," Emil said, his hand tenderly caressing the soft fur behind his ears. "The bestest gentleman in the world. You won't keep things from me, right?"


"I knew it. I'll just count on you for now on." He smiled.


"Oh? Lambert, did you hear that?" Emil inquired, his face contorted into a feigned expression of bewilderment.

"Arf..?" Lambert titled his head.

He shrugged, "Yeah, I don't know either."

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