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A new streamer steps on the scene, but something is off about them. Where are they exactly? "Hey! Welcome to the stream! Your emperor appreciates the attention. Guess where I am?" AzurePrincess has donated - $3000 "Woah, that's a huge donation. Are you sure you were trying to give me that much?" AzurePrincess- This is just pocket money. I could give you more. RichGirl21 - has donated - $5000 RichGirl21 - You don't need to give him money. l can support my husband all on my own. DiamondQ - has donated - $10,000 DiamondQ - You might need to get your eyes checked. Whose husband are you supporting? "Oh boy..." First World - Marvel Warning: MC's world is loosely based on the real world, but there will be changes because it is my story! Updates: Irregular/ 5 per week/ May have less or more depending on work. Disclaimer - Images used aren't mine. They are just used for representation. I will remove it if need be.

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(Prologue) (Can Skip If Want To)

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" " - Talking

' ' - Thoughts

[ ] - Skill/Holographic Screen

∆ - Typed Chat

(" ") - Mind Speak

★★★★ - Holographic Screen

Before you start the story, I would like to mention that the MC's world is based loosely on the real world. So if you see something that isn't true or doesn't exist, then that means I changed it!

Because it's my story!



"Damn it! No! NO!" A young man screamed as he watched his teammates die one by one in a horrible fashion.

It all happened in a flash, tossed into a fire pit as they screamed for mercy until their final breath.
















Fortunately, it was in a game, as his reaction would have been even more dramatic if it was real.

Could you imagine?

Soon after his death, a familiar screen graced his computer, announcing his failure for the umpteenth time. Seconds later, the party chat started to get filled with messages of regret and sorrow, not for the faint of heart.

∆CrazyZeus∆ - FUUUUUUU****** THIS IS SOME BULLS***

∆GuradianDog∆ - Why are we still here?... Just to suffer?

∆Loveless∆ - Boo! Shut up! Let that meme die in peace.





∆EzoBladeK∆ - I wonder if we will ever be able to finish this raid.

∆CrazyZeus∆ - You'd probably have better luck finding your dad.

∆EzoBladeK∆ - Bruh.

∆HaruHaru∆ - Zeus, can you not be mean? I wonder how you are even still in this guild.

∆CrazyZeus∆ - I wonder how you aren't in the kitchen making me a sandwich, but you don't see me complaining. And don't defend Ezo. He's a big boy.

∆EzoBladeK∆ - Yeah, woman, lay off my bro. Go get me a sandwich!

∆HaruHaru∆ - ...Why am I still here?

∆GuardianDog∆ - To suffer?

∆StarEmperor∆ - Don't let dumber and dumber get to you, Haru. They were both dropped at birth. I seriously worry about them sometimes. Maybe it's time to look for a new DPS.

∆CrazyZeus∆ - I'm sorry, Haru.

∆EzoBladeK∆ - I'm sorry, Haru.

∆LunaSea∆ - I'm sorry, leader. I have something to do irl. Maybe we should try the raid later this week when we gear up some more?

∆StarEmperor∆ -Yeah, I think so...and I need to finish some things. We'll talk later about the raid. Don't sweat it, you guys.







After talking for a bit longer, everyone signed off except for StarEmperor, as he had dailies he needed to finish.

His real name was Emil Valentine, a 21-year-old college dropout with a gaming addiction. The current game he was playing was a popular MMORPG called Last Fantasy 14 which has been getting pretty popular as of late.

In the game, he was the guild leader of a small-time guild built with people he's known for over five years playing video games. None of them have ever met in person, but somehow they felt closer than immediate family.

"Well, what you gonna do." Emil sighed once more as he leaned back in his old gaming chair. He was upset that his guild failed the raid, but in the end, it was a game.

After lamenting for a moment, he exited the raid, but something odd happened.

"What the..."

His computer was lagging, extremely so, but even stranger, he started to see words flash across the screen.


B̸̛̹͉̈̃̔̂͘̚͘ê̷̡̞̝͍̳̼̥̠̔̿̍͑̓̚͘͝͠c̶͍̰͍̃̒̅̈́̕o̸̰̍̆͒̀̐̎̑̚͠m̶̠̞͙̌̄̅̀ͅé̶̢̗ ̶̡͙͆̆͐̑̓̎͝ͅÀ̷̧̩̠͉̺͚̮̍̑̇̕͝ͅ ̷͓̝͇̞̤̫̮̿͗B̶̧̲̜̝̼̜̺͙̆́͆͂e̶̗̖̗̠̞̟͋̀̈́͒̉̊̔̚ẗ̴͕̠̅t̴̺̝̖̺̼͗̆̎̅e̴̬̼͈̱̐r̵̬̯̞͎̟̹̹̱̘̓̌̅̓͘ ̵̖̖͆̃̇͒̄͌̿͆͝Y̴̫͔̔̅̓̌́͊̅̿͝o̵͖͔̤̝͍͛̏̋̀̈͆̀͒̑͠ư̶̧̱̠̖̙͇̙̫͖̣̽̈́

ᓍᖇ ᕲᓰᘿ

Soon the words started to glow, changing into brilliant rays of light as they frivolously danced around his room.

It was like seeing a light show, but despite its beauty, he could not enjoy it because of a growing pressure that felt like bricks were constantly placed on top of him.

What was happening?

Who is doing this?

Was he going to die?

These questions churned inside his head as the pressure became more intense by the second.

Soon, however, a holographic screen appeared in front of him.

It was a list.












•Beast Tamer


•Demon Hunter

Although Emil did not know what was happening, being an avid gamer exposed him to various plots, so he could interpret what was being asked of him.

The question is, why?

He wasn't someone special, nor did he have the tragic backstory protagonists usually have in these cases.

'They aren't going to reincarnate me randomly or something, are they? Because I prefer not to..' Emil thought with a wry smile.

Although he would rather have time to think about his choices, the pressure was becoming too much to bare, so he pointed to a random class.



•Lunar Knight

•Dark Paladin

•Flame Dancer

•Dragon Monk

•Martial Artist

•Godly Blacksmith






•Celestial Streamer

As soon as he chose, the pressure instantly disappeared, replaced by a strange warmth that rushed through his entire body.

It was like being submerged in a hot spring. He could quite literally feel the stress melt from his body.

Unbeknownst to him, something else was melting from his body, but he wouldn't find out till later because...


He passed out on his keyboard.

How original.


A dream.

That's the only thing Emil could say to make sense of what he saw in front of him.

It was him.

Well, a giant glowing mannequin of him surrounded by millions of stars and galaxies that moved in unison.

Its colossal body was like a skyscraper times ten, towering over Emil like he was an insignificant ant to be crushed underneath its feet.


Before he could even voice his thoughts, a humming noise entered his ears, emptying his mind and filling it with memories not belonging to him.

And soon...he spoke.

"First Step..." His voice sounded ethereal, delicate yet filled with a power that caused the entire space to tremble violently.


"Second step..." The humming noise grew louder, and as if provoked, the colossal body started to move, staring at Emil with its giant pupil-less eyes.


"Third step..."

Soon after, the stars and galaxies started to move as well, spinning until they became an enormous tornado of light with varying shades of color.


"Fourth Step..." The space started to break, cracks forming everywhere the eye could see.

It was as if a world-ending event was happening right before him, and he could do nothing but stare as chaos ensued.



After these words left his lips.



"Heavenly Rebirth."

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