Livestreaming? Yeah That's How I Level Up

Author: SaiKojin
Anime & Comics
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What is Livestreaming? Yeah That's How I Level Up

Read ‘Livestreaming? Yeah That's How I Level Up’ Online for Free, written by the author SaiKojin, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ADVENTURE Fan Fiction, R18 Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: A new streamer steps on the scene, but something is off about them.Where are they exactly?"Hey! Welcome to the stream! Y...


A new streamer steps on the scene, but something is off about them. Where are they exactly? "Hey! Welcome to the stream! Your emperor appreciates the attention. Guess where I am?" AzurePrincess has donated - $3000 "Woah, that's a huge donation. Are you sure you were trying to give me that much?" AzurePrincess- This is just pocket money. I could give you more. RichGirl21 - has donated - $5000 RichGirl21 - You don't need to give him money. l can support my husband all on my own. DiamondQ - has donated - $10,000 DiamondQ - You might need to get your eyes checked. Whose husband are you supporting? "Oh boy..." First World - Marvel Warning: MC's world is loosely based on the real world, but there will be changes because it is my story! Updates: Irregular/ 5 per week/ May have less or more depending on work. Disclaimer - Images used aren't mine. They are just used for representation. I will remove it if need be.

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Hey, my loyal subjects! This really isn't a review, but if you have any questions or thoughts, don't be shy to comment underneath this review.Thank you to everyone for all the support!


someone please post a less than 4 star review already, i cant trust these people who never say anything usefull but always leave 4-5 stars in any novel, unless someone post some thing that would actually be helpful i wont be able to get rid of this hesitation of mine, you guys are the only ones i can believe in this fakeas* reviews section, because every body else here are just unbelievable almost all the time.


Honestly, trash. The main character has no positive attributes, and the system he got is sentient. And what’s something that comes with almost every sentient system? An extremely annoying personality that bosses the MC around, making him look like even more of a loser than he already is. All in all, could’ve been something decent if the system wasn’t so annoying. This is why novels with a non-sentient system are just better.


I like the story for the most part however it has the infamous sentient system character. normally I don't care about that fact alone however combined with the fact that they have a trash personality and no apparent good points other than being connected with the system makes me want to just skip over sections where they are featured and try to get to the actual plot developments. however I've noticed every single scene with the main character seems to also contain the annoying system character. as a result I simply don't have a desire to read further.


It's not bad, pretty nice, and refreshing. Every time there's a steaming novel, it's something that's not used , and sadly, it has potential, although it can be ruined easily, although that's basically like any novel on here, lol


The story is going downhill- No more like a steep hill. I bet the author himself doesn't know what he is writing. I am out. I am not enjoying the story anymore especially with this Mystery one.May I remind the author that mystery in a Fanfic never goes well and congratulations you managed to collapse your story. At this point its a original story not a fanfic as it has no elements of fanfic except the lil bit of Marvel.


Hello! This book is quickly becoming one of my favorites! Don’t drop this!


Nice concept... please continue and don't drop


There are not of chapters right now, but it is really good right now


Great story, unique premise and powers. I like the entertainment industry fanfics and this one seems somewhere in the middle. I like the MC as well. Only problem i have is his companion. hands down one of the most annoying beings in existence. Some kinda organic system/human hybrid that insults him every second and doesn't give advice until after his attempts fail. A lot of the dialogue is taken by her trying to be mysterious and a know it all. Worst type of character. This story will definitely be perfect if she dies a slow and painful death. Here's to hoping!


This is a story that until I started reading I didn't realize how much I needed it. Author does a great job, presentation and format are perfect, characters are fun and enjoyable. Excellent so far, kinda hoping to get more ASAP


Reveal spoiler


very entertaining ,. .. ., . ., .. ..


Hlo fellow novel readers, this is great and good novel with everything from Writing to story. But is has far too less chapters for me, as I already have caught with latest chapters. Can anyone recommend more novel like this as I only have one in my mind. But it also just started and has less chapters but got a great potential. If you wannna check it out. Don’t forget to like my review if you find that story good. Name Holographic Conjuring Syatem Hey, don,t forget my like on this review. This book got 2 chapters for now but still great so far.


This is truly a very good fic, if you've ever read NunuXD's fics and liked them, then you'll definitely enjoy this one. The main character is not an special guy, he's just a normal person that you can easily find anywhere, but that's what makes him special compared to the main characters of many other cliché fics. The way people communicate in the fic is not too scripted or robotic, we can easily find them in Twitch, Valorant, LOL, CSGO,..... and them will make you feel dejavu (in a good way). The items that mc got from gacha ( yes this cruel thing )didn't make him overpowered directly, but rather depend on how he uses them. Overall, this is a very promising and potential fic, but whether it will be better in the future is still uncertain because I have saw many fics have been ruined despite their promising potential . Postscript : There is a fking cute Doggo in this fic !!!!!!!!!!


I really like this, the concept is interesting, characters and their interactions are amusing and believable, not much can be said about the plot as it only just started going but it seems entertaining at the very least, stability of updates is also good so no complaints there. All in all its really cool fic and I cannot wait for more of it.


I personally liked this fic for as long as it lasted, though I can recognise that it won't be the cup of tea for a lot of people. I understand that the system being sentient and actively hiding something from the mc will be annoying to some, but I found their relationship charming.


Choose your fate.Finish this novel.Or Die.


Thoroughly enjoying this. But please don't meaning it , that he have a past life an an emperor and got reincarnated and lost his memory or something like that 🙏😣 [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]🙏


This is a overall great story with a great concept and gives off Live streaming My Pokemon journey type off vibes. Good job


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