Limitless The Strongest Revenant

"If you intended to die anyway, don't die quietly like a pussy! Go out in a fucking blaze of glory!" That was the statement that changed my world forever. I was a loser in life. I died and got reincarnated into a Revenant. Revenants were people who defended the living from the dead. In exchange for a second life, they had one task and were blessed with one cheat ability. The task? To kick as much zombie ass as possible. Unfortunately, my cheat just made me "Rewind". It didn't give me super strength, speed or the ability to fly. Hell, it didn't even give me a way to fight! Without any way to kill zombies, I nearly died on my first day on the job! Back then I remember crying and puking all over the place like a little bitch. But while I started out like a little bitch, I didn't stay one. Dying full of regrets changed me you see. So much so that I made a promise. I refused to repeat my mistakes when I was human. Reborn as a Revenant, I vowed to never bow down to anyone ever again. Unfortunately, these Revenant bastards were old school. Like they hacked zombies with swords and all that crap old school. As a man born in the USA, I saw no reason why I needed to follow their outdated way of thinking. The modern world had the superpower of gun powder and lead. So instead of swords, I came after every zombie I saw with bullets. Like countries in the middle east, I proceeded to blow the motherfuckers to kingdom come. And surprisingly because of "Rewind", I found out I could never run out of ammunition. $200 for each kill. Hefty bonus for each area of hell liberated. What scared normal people shitless suddenly allowed me to earn millions every day. The richer I got the more "Freedom" I could unleash! Mortars, tank, air strikes to even nukes. Backed by modern science and technology, I slowly but surely drove the undead back. Along the way, I met and saved seven heavenly beauties. And without my knowledge all of them suddenly fell in love with me. They were a little obsessive, scratch that, they were all fucking insane. My precious harem was comprised of nothing but psychopaths. They were Yanderes in every sense of the word. Still, despite the dangers, I would trade not any of them for everything under the stars. For when I called, only my battle harem answered. And that was before I learned of another secret. Exchanging bodily fluids with my girls gave me their cheats. Suddenly, in contrast to every Revenant in the world who only had one, I alone wielded eight. One from each girl plus my own. And so, I lived my 2nd life. Which eventually became my legend. Who am I you ask? I was born as John Smith. But these days not even my girls use my name. Both on Earth and in Hell everyone else just calls me Limitless. And I am the Strongest Revenant. *************************** Author Notes: Harem size: 7 | No NTR | No Yuri | No Grape Novel Focus: Action, Adventure, Urban Fantasy, Reincarnation, Dark, Weak to Strong, Battle Harem, Beautiful Heroines, YANDERE Heroine, Military, Loyal Subordinates, Kingdom Building, War, Politics, Conspiracies, Overpowered, Face Slapping, Tragedy, Character Development, Multiple POVs, Betrayal, Alternate Realities, Demons, Zombies, Superpowers, Tower Climbing, Tower Defense, Wish fulfillment. I have paid for and own the copyrights to both the cover and character images. Official Discord link https://discord.gg/7yxSzd3szy, See you there!

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Let's do it.

We had cleared the zombies around the two female reapers. Still, Bella and I didn't relax. Instead, we waited for a few moments. She quickly moved behind me and placed her back against mine.

One of the lessons we learned was that the most dangerous moment in reaper combat was when you thought that the fighting had already ended. If not for {Rewind}, both Bella and I would have died way earlier during our grinding date.

It had happened after we let our guard down. After believing we had already killed everything, a pair of Chuckies popped out of the ground like cockroaches. They took us by surprise and bit both of us without remorse.

While we did kill them afterwards, neither of us would have survived if not for my {fate}. From that point onwards, we added in our combat doctrine that no matter what we were doing, at least one should always be on guard to watch our blind spots.

Chuckies, while having some ability to think, were still brainless zombies. If you hung around them long enough, they would pop out.

Ignoring the two we had saved, we waited.

A fraction of a moment later, the ground opened up in two spots as two Chuckies charged towards us from opposite ends. A bullet and a knife flew towards them, ending their surprise attack in a single breath.

After a minute passed, Bella then retrieved her knife while I guarded her back. It was only then that she faced the pair of wraiths while I continued scanning our surroundings.

"Hello, we came to help. Is your friend's health stable?" Bella began.

The blonde woman flashed a huge smile as she responded with enough energy to light up the sky.

"Salve! Thank you for saving me and my sister! You and your husband are, how you say… Awesome! How do you fight so well?! My name is Josephine! This is my sister! Oh! Jasmine, say hello to our friends!"

Similarly taken aback, my partner gave a wry smile as she tried to calm down the blonde reaper. Josephine had long hair that reached her back and seemed to glow in the darkness. Its luster wasn't bright like gold but appeared white instead, almost transparent.

Her fair white skin and green irises were alluring. She probably was from Europe or something. I couldn't help but note that Josephine had an even bigger bosom than Bella. Her looks would have given most supermodels a run for their money.

In contrast, her sister, the one called Jasmine. had dark skin like an African American and long hair the color of onyx. They had to have interracial parents as they were quite literally shades of ebony and ivory.

Body wise, if Josephine was top heavy, Jasmine had wide thicc thighs that looked plump and pleasing to the eyes. Adding to that, her body was further graced by a firm and beautiful ass.

Perhaps as a result of their genetics, she also had an extremely beautiful face. In contrast to Josephine's overflowing energy, her sister only gave us a small smile and a short introduction.

"I am Jasmine. Thank you for your help."

I could tell the black beauty was on guard from how she gripped her bow tensely. Oblivious to her agitation, Josephine trusted us enough to volunteer information without us even asking anything.

"We would have died if not for your help! A little nano attacked me from behind. Jas protected me and got bit. Thank you again so much... Uhm. What do we call you and your husband, friend?" the blonde beauty inquired.

"I am Isabella. The man over there goes by John."

I wanted to deny being her husband, but Bella gave me a disgusted look that forced me to shut me up. I could roughly understand it as 'stay silent, you ass, leave negotiations to me.'

'Why is she pissed? She didn't see me ogling the sister's assets, right?'

"We only saved you on a whim. If you girls are okay now, my husband and I will be leaving now. Farewell." Bella then turned around and slowly walked towards me.

Like an abandoned puppy, Josephine became crestfallen and looked miserable. With pleading eyes, she looked towards her sister as if begging for something.

After a few seconds. Jasmine rolled her eyes and then nodded. Josephine then raised her hands and aggressively hugged her sister like a child.

So, Jasmine was the leader of their group, then? It seemed my partner was right. There was more to be learned from body language than there was from words. I remembered Bella's lecture during our date.

"Listen well, honey. Here in Hellsgate. never give away anything for free. Negotiations are fought long before words are even spoken. So, leave them to me. We cannot be too eager to invite anyone to our group. The dynamics of whether they or we ask first greatly differ. The first who expresses interest already loses the upper hand."

"Wait, Isabella! Please let us join your group! I am a strong vanguard. My sister is amazing with a bow. We can surely help you guys keep safe."

Josephine's lively voice broke me out of my reverie. Just like Isabella planned, negotiations for both our groups to join began. Because their side asked first, we got to decide if we accepted them in or not.

Bella then faced her and stated our terms.

"If we reach an agreement, I don't see why not. But right now, you need us more than we need you, right? Tell us your {fates}, the soulgears you have on you, supplies, and the number of souls between you."

Like a child looking towards her mother for permission, Josephine looked towards Jasmine before she replied. After a short moment of deliberation, the raven-skinned beauty opened her mouth and answered for the two of them.

"Fine. Our {fates} are centered around vision and hearing. Our original allies mugged us, so aside from a few low-level {heals} we only have our weapons. We have 600 souls between the two of us," Jasmine explained.

My partner then mercilessly pointed out, "So the two of you were abandoned, then. Why?"

Like a dog that had found a scent, Bella attacked the weak point of the sisters. She probably did so to establish the group's hierarchy, should we join with them. But damn, how heartless could this woman get?

Jasmine bit her lip as Josephine held her head down. After a few seconds, Josephine spoke in a sad tone.

"My sister and I are Formless, friends. The group we came with bullied us to give our soulgears for the survival of the others. They then told us to separate as we would only bring them down."

So, it was the same everywhere huh? I remember the despair Bella felt at being among the Formless. I didn't know it would be this bad.

"Figlio di puttana! They sucked up to us when we began forming groups. The moment they knew we were Formless they left us to die," Josephine grumbled.

Hearing their story, I wondered if those people were right in the head. Both Josephine and Jasmine were perfect 10s in my book. Did people really consider the Formless so weak they got abandoned despite their looks? Wouldn't anyone want to turn them into lovers or at least pets or something?

Jasmine then passionately begged, "I will serve as your meat shield and draw all the zombies, just please take Josephine in your group! Even just her is enough! I can no longer protect her! Please do so in my stead!"

"Jas? Che due coglioni! What are talking about? I refuse!" cried Josephine.

She then kneeled towards Isabella and I while screaming. "My sister is injured! I am a melee fighter! Please take her in instead, I beg of you! Left alone she will die! Give me the honor of being the group's spearhead!"

An older sister who was willing to die as she could no longer protect the younger. A younger sister who would rather fight alone than risk her sister being left behind.

I had half-siblings, but I didn't have such a beautiful relationship with any of them. If anything, the sisterly love between these two made them trustworthy people.

If the worse should come to worst, we could use one of them to control the other. As bastardly as my thoughts might have seemed, in order to survive this place such desperate measures were necessary.

Ability-wise, Josephine was a powerful vanguard. Having her as our front line would make our fights easier without question. Jasmine, although injured, had toned arms and was a bit muscular. With a {fate} related to eyesight or hearing, her accuracy had to be several leagues higher than normal.

The fact that they had 600 souls even after getting mugged meant they had killed quite a number before failing. Personally, I didn't think we need more people. I wanted to save them, nothing more, nothing less. But I had to wait for Isabella's opinion.

"Please give me a moment to talk to my husband."

When she came close enough, I whispered low enough for only her to hear, "I am not your husband."

"Shut up, you pervert! Don't try to deny that you were undressing them with your eyes earlier, you ass!" she retorted.

Ignoring her words, I asked about the pressing matter at hand.

"So? What do we do, Mrs. Code?"

"Let's take them in, Mr. Code."

"Why?" I asked in curiosity.

"This whole world believes Formless are nothing but trash. What would happen if we survived with a group comprised of nothing but trash? If It's you and me, we can do it. I know we can. What do you say?"

With eyes full of fighting spirit, my partner began to plan how to topple the current status quo. I naturally gave her a savage grin as I replied with three simple words.

"Let's do it."

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